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    River and Sky/Skye for a boy?

    I've recently been severely crushing on River and Sky/Skye on a boy. But do you think they'd manage well as first names? Are they too 'girlish' now? Would they even age well?

    Thank you for the help!
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    I don't think anyone would think twice about River on a boy, but Sky might come off as girly. Personally I think Sky would be great on a boy. Why not?

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    I agree that River is more of a boys name.

    I feel like Skylar could work better as a boy's name than Skye, mainly because Rachel Zoe named her son that, so to me it makes sense.

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    Our neighbor is named Sky. He's 15 and pulls it off admirably. Then again, a sweetheart who plays the sax can pull off just about anything. Because he is so musical, I always associate my neighbor with Skye Masterson in Guys and Dolls. I sing the songs to him periodically. He's never seen the musical.

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    I like both names, but not enough to use. River is all boy in my opinion. It feels more masculine than feminine. I don't like just Sky/Skye by itself for a boy. I prefer Skylar nicknamed Sky. They do sound a bit juvenile to me, but I think they will age fine.
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