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    24 hours to name #4

    help me out! we are running out of time to name this fourth little wonder.

    Middle and Last are: Mati1da T@nner

    P0sey (love the playfulness, uniqueness and it goes well with our other kids names…also, a stretch but my family has a million Joe's and technically it's derived from Josephine)

    Teg@n (or Teag@n) --- pronounced tee-g'n (been loving this name since 1999 when i first met someone with it…it's welsh and so am i (my name is welsh, too), it's simple and i kind of like the alliteration with our last name. someone in our life that we don't appreciate used it right when i was suffering my first loss…but this person is very far removed from our lives at this point and i haven't been able to shake the name after having three additional kids. that said, it seems a little less exciting than in 1999. lastly, goes well with the other kids names.)

    Mabe1 (love this…but we sometimes call our first F____y Mae (short for Marg@ret) and the middle name makes an alliteration --- maybe not the best choice but i do adore this name. goes well with 3/4 of the other names).

    thanks for your input!
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    Teagan is a great name!

    You could do Reagan since it is close but doesn't have the tie to the person you don't like...

    Tierney is also name that is similar


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    Teagan! Posey would be my second choice.

    @cengel73 Reagan is a great alternative for Teagan!

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    Can't do reagan…too many R names and don't want to be the Duggars!

    We have thought about the other four, as well, but we have cut the list down to the two (really, the top two, but i re-added Mabe1 today).

    and you like the Tea spelling better?


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    Posey Matilda Tanner is beautiful, I say go with that one for sure.

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