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    Too many "Henry"s?

    If been iffy on the name Henry for a while. I wanted to love it. Its distinguished, it isn't too common where I am, it isn't too nerdy and I like the nn Hank. Then I found the family tree for DH's family.
    His uncle is a Harry (who goes by Ned), his uncle's son is a Henry, called Hal. His grandfather is a Harry as is his grandfather, Henry who preferred Harry, and his great grandfather Harry who also went by Ned. So essentially: Harry had a son named Henry who had a son named Harry, who in turn named his son Harry and finally the youngest Harry had a son named Henry.
    I think us having a little Henry might be too much even if he goes by Hank. We don't see that side of the family since we live so far away and we have a different last name but it seems "worn" for lack of a better word. My family has the same issue with Robert so that's a contender off the lost as well.
    What do you all think? Too much or a nice family connection?

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    Personally, I love names that have been passed done through the generations. For me, this holds lots of meaning. Perhaps using a non-family name with Henry may help to add some personality or individuality (ie Robert Henry might be too much for one child).

    It sounds like most of the men with this name don't actually go by Henry, and you mentioned that you don't see them often, so it shouldn't be confusing.

    Good luck!
    Lee X

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    I think it is kinda cool - but only if he really likes his family!

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    All my kids have a family name in the first or middle spot because I think it anchors them to the family.

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    Sounds like Henry is simply a tried and true family name. So are John, James, William, and Thomas for most people, but I think the family history makes the name more special.
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