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    Southern Double Name

    I currently have a young daughter named, Nora Raines. We just loved the name Nora and Raines is my mother-in-law's maiden name. I am from the deep south and love southern names, i.e. double names, second name having a masculine family name. While double names are very popular where I am from, having a masculine/family name following a feminine one is not. Long ago in the deep south is was normal to have a girl name: Mary Michael, etc.

    With that said, I love Lucy Charles. Is this weird? She would go by Lucy Charles. Charles is my maternal grandfather's name and I want to honor him. If not this name, is there something you might suggest? I don't want super popular, sugary sweet names. I like the feminine/masculine combo. FYI, our last name starts with a "C" and is two syllables. Thanks berries!!

    I also like:

    Family Surnames available:
    (there is nothing to great)
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    I would think a surname would fit better as the MN - like Raines does. Are you open to naming her Charlie and then finding a MN option?

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    I don't like Lucy Charles either. Just Lucy is nice.

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    Our dog is named Charlie! Kind of a problem.

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    Maybe use Charlotte in a combo as an honor name for Charles? That being said, I don't mind masculine middle or second names once the first name is definitely feminine. So Lucy Charles is alright for me, as James seems to be a somewhat common middle name for girls.

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