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Thread: Briggs?

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    Hey all! I really like the idea of calling a future son Briggs. It's the name of the street my childhood church was on. So as a minister, it means a lot to me. What do you think? I like the idea of Briggs being a nickname for a longer name. The only idea I have is Bridger, but I think it's a stretch. Do you have any ideas?

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    Love Briggs! I think it is fine as a stand alone name. No need to expand it.

    Researching I found that Brigham would be a full name for it but not sure if Brigham Young would bother you or not (He is the Mormon leader)
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    The only name I can think of besides Bridger is Brigham. Rigby might work but it's a stretch.

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    I can also only think of Bridger and Brigham. I wouldn't use Briggs as a stand alone... it makes me think of Myers-Briggs, and the place that military criminals are held.
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    Sorry but I don't think Briggs to have an attractive sound. Its harshness contains a heavy macho swagger that goes beyond my comfort level. I don't mind masculine names but I'd rather not be hit over the head with machismo. Even with the personal significance, you don't seem comfortable with Briggs as a standalone first name and are looking for a longer name. Perhaps that's an indication that it would be better in the middle spot.
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