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    Baby brother for Jameson

    We aren't pregnant again (yet), but I am convinced we will have a second boy when we do. Our first son is Jameson Theodore. If our second child is another boy, we are pretty set on the middle name Spencer. At the moment, my favorite boy name is Wesley, but is that too many S sounds? Other names I like are, but don't LOVE...

    Henry (family member has "claimed" this name)
    Logan (ehh just ok)
    Hunter (don't love it, probably wouldn't use it)
    Leo (doesn't work well with our last name)

    ...I'm drawing a blank at the moment for more names, but I'm looking for your opinions anyways! What names go well with sibling Jameson and midde name Spencer?

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    Do you always call Jameson, Jameson or does he go by anything else?

    I think Wesley goes just fine with it! If it was Weston, that would be too similar.

    Holden Spencer
    Graham Spencer
    Beckett Spencer
    Jude Spencer
    Judd Spencer
    Cameron Spencer
    Wyatt Spencer (Close to Wesley)
    Declan Spencer
    Liam Spencer (Close to Leo)

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    We always call him Jameson. I wasn't concerned with the likeness between Wesley and Jameson; I'm not sure how well Wesley Spencer flows. Kind of a tongue twister?

    Thanks for all the suggestions! I really like Liam, but know someone who has already used the name.

    I should also mention our last name is short, one syllable, so the first name needs to have some substance to it.

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    I think Wesley Spencer sounds good! And I like Wesley and Jameson together. I like the sound of Holden Spencer and Logan Spencer too, if you don't mind both brothers ending in -n. A few other ideas:

    Theo Spencer
    Everett Spencer
    Kellen Spencer
    Callum Spencer
    Callen Spencer
    Harvey Spencer
    Griffin Spencer
    Emmett Spencer
    Elliot Spencer
    Nathaniel Spencer
    Milo Spencer
    Arlo Spencer
    Morgan Spencer
    Nolan Spencer

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