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    Simone Violet, definitely! Simone and Emilia sound absolutely lovely together!
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    Quote Originally Posted by kristennoel View Post
    Simone Violet, definitely! Simone and Emilia sound absolutely lovely together!
    Thanks! That's actually my favorite option right now I think it sounds a bit more exotic.

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    I vote for Simone Violet. It's gorgeous.

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    I vote for Juliet Mae, although I guess I'm a bit biased on it. I've known many Simones in my life and no Juliets, so Juliet feels much more distinctive to me.
    If you choose for Simone, I think Simone Violet flows better than Simone Mae.

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    Another vote for Simone Violet. Juliet is starting to sound a bit pedestrian to me--maybe because of the increase in popularity--while Simone is, as you said, more exotic. I also prefer the name Violet to both Mae and Juliet. Simone Violet is truly stunning and I think that Simone goes well with "v" names--I know a baby named Vivienne Simone.
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