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    Stuck on number three

    I am pregnant with our third and just not coming up with any names that jump out at me. I've found oodles of names I love, but they don't really jive with my older two, whom we've named Orrin and Norah. It wasn't really planned that their names would sound to similar, they were just the names we liked best, but now I'm stuck on finding a third name that works as well. Also, we don't know the gender, but we will be finding out.

    The other thing is that we don't shorten the older two's names; we often use nicknames, but never based on their actual names. (Like 'Bug' or 'Sugar' and things like that).

    As for middle names, we normally pick something honouring our family, so those aren't a huge issue.

    Any suggestions? I really love unique names, but not confusing ones.

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    Beatrice Rose (Bea)
    Sylvia Alice (Sylvie)

    If we have a third child one day:
    Charlotte (Lottie), Emma, Isadora, Claire, Nora, Clementine, Lucy, Eleanor, Camille, Elodie, Vivian, Briony
    Felix, Bennett, Oliver, James, Leo, Benjamin, Henry, Jack, Vincent, Simon, Alexander

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    Hadley, Hazel, Linda, and Penny all go well with Norah and Orrin, I think. Piper does, too. I love the name Orrin, by the way!

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