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    Thoughts on these boy names and suggestions for others?

    DH and I are expecting our 3rd child this fall and are not finding out what we're having. We live in the south where uncommon names are common - lots of last names for first names, double names, etc. And family names reign supreme - we used our favorite family name for our son and have a few that may have potential but I am not sold on them. Anyway, I would love some feedback and suggestions for boy names. I want to avoid names that are super common - James, John, etc. I like the idea of finding a last name that is masculine. I also am trying to avoid names that end in an "en" sound since our last name is 2 syllables and ends with "en." Here are a few names I have on my list but I am not dead set on any of them:

    Family names:
    1. Kincaid
    2. Butler
    3. Nicholas - this was my grandfather's name but I can't get over the thought of people calling him Nick or Nicky. I like Nicholas, though.
    4. Garland - might be too feminine for DH
    5. Randle but call him Ran
    6. Joshua - a very close friend who passed away too young

    Others on the list
    1. Braddock - my dad is Bradley which we used for my son's middle name, but everybody calls my dad Brad which would be this nickname, too
    2. Barrick
    3. Huxley
    4. Garner
    5. Thatcher
    6. Ralston

    Please help! I am very open to suggestions! I do not want to still be trying to decide on a name when it is time to be discharged from the hospital!
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    I love Nicholas! He doesn't have to have a nickname, but Cole would work.

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    Hi smelton521,

    You've got a great list there and lots of possibilities. Here are my thoughts:

    Kincaid - I'm not sure about this as a first name. Perhaps you could use Kingsley, Kingston, Cadell, Cade or Caden.

    Butler - I think this works and fits in with the current trend of occupational names.

    Nicholas - I love this! Perhaps you could get in early and tell everyone his nn will be Cole (or something else other than Nick). I guess this won't guarantee that Nick isn't used as he gets older.

    Garland - I'm not sure about this. Maybe Leland, Nolan, Orland or Roland would work.

    Randle - I really like this! Personally I prefer the spelling of Randall.

    Joshua - I love this! It's a classic name that has lots of meaning for you.

    Braddock - You could use this. I probably wouldn't, since your son's middle is Bradley, but this is just a matter of personal preference. You could give the boys the same middle? Or find another way to honor your dad?

    Out of the other names, I really love Huxley! I think this really fits the bill; it is masculine, unique and has so much character.

    I hope this helps!
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    Of the family names, I would use

    Nicholas - in full or with the nicknames Cole (love this) or Nico
    Randle - maybe shortened to Rand?
    Joshua - a nice name

    Of the others, i like Huxley and Thatcher. Braddock reminds me of haddock, and Barrick of army barracks. :/

    Maybe you'd like Merrick, Thayer, Gardner, Shepherd (nn Shep), Rainer?

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    Joshua Kincaid sounds great but Josh is probably too popular! I do like Kincaid as a first name too.

    Hudson Kincaid
    Bishop Randle
    Judd Thatcher

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