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    Sibling to Rhylan Alexis

    We need help narrowing down a name for a baby brother for big sister Rhylan Alexis. We want the name to be 2 or 3 syllables with a masculine nickname. For the middle name we will be using a family name of either Scott or Chase. Here is our list so far:

    Greyson (Grey)
    Maxen (Max)
    Spencer (Spence)
    Calder (don't really like Cal)
    Archer (Arch or Archie)

    We have a really difficult French two syllable last name that starts with a B and ends with an S. Opinions on these names paired with the two middles and any additional suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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    I really like Archer

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    I'm new here so I'm not as seasoned as other berries who have the gift of pairing sibling sets and constructing first/middle combinations but I like Rhylan and Spencer best. I think Calder and Archer work too.

    Spencer Chase
    Archer Scott
    Calder Scott, Calder Chase or Calder Scott Chase

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    I love Archer Scott but dislike Archie as a NN. I can only think of Archie Bunker.

    Greyson Scott would be my 2nd choice!

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    Archer Scott is very handsome and works well with Rhylan Alexis.
    Lee X

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