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    Help with picking a boys name - no middle name

    Hi berries, my husband and I are compiling a list of possible baby boy names. We won't be giving him a middle name so we want a strong first name.

    We like names with a positive meaning. We also like the idea of using a name with a Christian/Biblical background, but not stuck on that. We would like something that is not super popular, but also not too out there.

    Right now our top names are:


    I do like names that you can shorten, which I realize that most of these names can't really do. Our last name starts with B and is 2 syllables.

    Any thoughts??

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    I would stay away from Levi if you don't want popular. I do like all of your choices though.

    Why no middle?

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    Yes, I wrestle with that for Levi. I do like that it is still a classic name, even though it may be popular.

    No middle name...because as per family tradition, my husband and all of the men in his family do not have middle names. I gave up on fighting this one long before we got married haha.

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    Jeramy, Jerome, Gerald, or Jeremiah could shorten to Jer/Ger [Jair] or J.B.

    Daniel nn Dan or Danny

    Michael nn Mike or Mikey

    Anthony nn Tony

    Zachary nn Zack

    Joseph nn Joe or Joey

    Gregory nn Greg

    Rafael/Raphael nn Rafe or Ralph

    William nn Will or Liam or Bill

    Leonardo nn Leo

    Arthur nn Art or Bear

    Zion (This is my dog's name, but a lot of people think it's cool, and it's biblical) nn Zi

    Simon nn Si

    Joshua nn Josh

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