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    1. Clayton - adorable name!
    2. Everett - I think this is going to be super popular but I do love it.
    3. Clark - Maybe as a middle name? I don't like it as a first.

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    For you, I would pick Clark because I think it is the most unique. I have never met an Everett though, and it's one of my favorite names. As a 22-year-old Californian, I have met several Claytons, all around my age, none of whom made a good impression, so I am biased against that name and don't see it as unique.

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    My order of preference, for you:

    1. Clark - simple, strong, unusual (plus...Clark Kent!!). I've never met anyone with this name. If you want something that stands out, choose Chark.

    2. Everett - handsome, strong, but rising in popularity. I've net 2 in the last year. It's a fantastic name though.

    3. Clayton - I don't love the "Clay" part. I don't think it's a very nice nickname option. It IS unusual though, I'll give it that.

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    I adore Clark. Love love love. I think it is incredibly handsome, strong yet gentle. I think of Clark Gable: it has a lovely Old Hollywood aura to it. It is familiar: everyone can spell it and say it, but it is not commonly used.
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    Clark is interesting and dignified but has a bit of hipster to it.

    Everett is very nice, but definitely getting more popular.

    Clayton feels unnecessarily long to me, like Clarkson or Coleman. I love the name Clay and adding the -ton feels like you're naming a town rather than a person.
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