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    Smile Help us name our little boy :)

    Hi all! So my hubby no I can't quite come to am agreement on a boys name. This will be baby number 4. To me it's important that the name isn't too popular and that the name goes well with the other three kids as well as our last name. We have a son, Deon, and two daughters Mia and Haley. Now for this little boy.....
    So far my husbands choices are, Zachery, Lukas or Luke ....
    I'm in love with Levi, or Nolan. Our last name is Cucheran. One last thing...I would quite possibly like to make the middle name my brothers...which is Joram. But it's not A must... Thanks so much for ur input.

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    I say Zachery or Lukas/Lucas.
    I like Nolan or Noel

    Because you other kids names are quite short id go with Zak or Zach.

    Dylan&Deon is cute
    Oskar / oscar
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    Luke is a good fit. I also thought of Zaccai/Zaki if you want to go for something rare. Maybe Nico, Lennox, Quincy/Quinton, Drake, Kai, or Zeke?

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    Out of your choices and your DH's I would say Levi would be my favorite.
    Not expecting...yet! Just love names!
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    I think Lukas Joram Cucheran goes great together and with your set.
    Levi Joram Cucheran is also really great.
    Not sure which I prefer, maybe Levi because of K sounds running into each other on Luke Cucheran
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