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Thread: Atlas..?

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    Not my personal style but I think it could work. However I agree that with Eloise & Beatrix I would assume Atlas was a boy
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    The masculinity or femininity of names relies on more than just the phonetic sound. Atlas calls to mind VERY masculine images that makes the name seem more masculine than the sum of its phonetic parts, you know? Its not only all boy to me, but it is almost so hypermasculine that it strikes me in the same way names like Bear and Bull do (which, is to say, not in a positive way).
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    The image it generates is too manly for it to be stolen by the girls. It's in the same camp as Thor to me. I have to admit, I might be tempted by the nn Attie... so cute. MAYBE in the middle???

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    Don't do it .
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    It reminds me of Alice and the nn Attie would be cute! I'd stick it in the mn spot

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