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    I'm not particularly fond of them on girls because they usually sound rather masculine, especially the names that have the "son of" meaning. I also think it's very trendy just to stick random "son" names on kids and even though I like Grayson, I prefer ones that have an actual connection to the family.
    Kalina Lenore ◊ Ada Caroline ◊ Lyra Marceline ◊ Maeva Colette ◊ Lucia Ninette
    Marcella Margot ◊ Ivy Junonia/Junonia Ivy ◊ Myra Delphine ◊ Eva Peridot

    Felix Rhodes ◊ Ronan Laszlo ◊ Gabriel Orev ◊ Arthur Frederick ◊ Conrad Mateo
    Oscar Lachlan ◊ Abram Rafferty ◊ Sebastian Kuiper ◊ Daniel Hawthorne ◊ Dominic Ozias

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    I think most people like some and don't like others. When I picked the name Cowen for my son, I meant to spell it Cowan like it was spelled in the Irish name book I found. It didn't even occur to me that it was a surname (Cohen) until later. Like another Berry mentioned, many surnames are considered regular names and not surname-names.

    That being said, there are some that just aren't my style (Nelson, for example) but I certainly don't dislike the whole category because I don't love them all.

    My current favorite surname-name is Sullivan. It has a great sound and a fun, mischief-loving vibe that I find very endearing. I also love Cowen, obviously.

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    We're expecting Baby #1 and naming him Jordan, but my husband
    and I have already decided that if our second child is another boy,
    we're going to name him Chandler, which is my maiden name.

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    I like some of them.
    Are the following names surnames or names? I see these names as both? What makes a surname name? This has always confused me.


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    I love Monroe and Harvey for boys. I cannot think of any that I like for Girls

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