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    Name and Describe Your Preschool Class...BASED ON PICTURES! :)

    This little man is 4 years old. What's his name, and what's he like?

    This little lady is also 4 years old. What's her name, and what's she like?

    This little girl is 3 years old. What's her name, and what's she like?

    This little guy is 2 years old. What's his name, and what's he like?

    This cutie is 5 years old. What's her name, and what's she like?

    This precious child is 4 years old. What's his name, and what's he like?

    This tiny diva is 3 years old. What's her name, and what's she like?

    This sweetheart is 3 years old. What's his name, and what's he like?

    This small lady is 5 years old. What's her name, and what's she like?

    This tiny boy is 2 years old. What's his name, and what's he like?

    This sweetie is 3 years old. What's his name, and what's he like?

    This pretty girl is 5 years old. What's her name, and what's she like?

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    1. Owen Lucas
    Owen is our little explorer. He loves playing outdoors, and finding new things! His cute smile can make anyone's day, and he keeps you constantly on your feet.

    2. Isabelle Grace
    Bella loves to be around others. She's a bit shy, but warms up quickly to new people. She's ornery, and always hiding from us. She's cute, but she's a mini Houdini.

    3. Madison Rose
    Maddie is our shy baby girl. She won't really talk to anyone, and plays by herself. If someone new tries to talk to her, she runs to hug an adult. She's very timid, and we love her.

    4. Christian Ryan
    Chris loves bugs! Everyday, this little man has a new collection of bugs with him in his backpack. He thinks it's funny to put the bugs on the girls, and laughs when they scream.

    5. Dalia Jane
    Leah is our girly girl. When the others are playing in the sand outside, she's on the patio with her dolls and tea cups. She loves everyone, and isn't shy, she's just very prim.

    6. Isaac Michael
    Ike is very sweet, and will do anything for anyone. He constantly wants to be loved. He stays close to the adults instead of the other kids, but he still plays with them.

    7. Lorelei Cora
    Ellie has already done 6 pageants at her young age. She's very "prima donna" and dramatic, but it's cute since she's still little. There's no telling what shocking thing she'll say next.

    8. Asher Emmett
    Ash wants to be a pilot someday. He loves airplanes and army men. He jumps off of the swings and pretends like he's flying. It's so cute to see his high ambitions.

    9. Adeline May
    Addie May loves to play dress up. Everyday, she comes to school wearing something from her dress up chest. It can be her mom's pearls, or even her mom's shirt as a dress.

    10. Tyson Kai
    Ty is our little cutie. He's always smiling! It's very rare that we catch him without a smile. He loves his life, and everybody in it. He's a true ray of sunshine.

    11. Teagan Joseph
    TJ loves his teddy bear. He never goes anywhere without it. He named the bear "Kitty", and has had it since the day he was born. Nobody else is allowed to touch Kitty.

    12. Matilda Renee
    Tilly loves reading. She reads to the younger kids. That's the only thing she ever does, is read. She doesn't like playing outside, or playing other games. Just give her a book, and she's happy.
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    1. Max Elliot

    Max loves dirt. When he arrives in the morning, his mother usually knows not to put too much care in his appearence, for it will most likely be ruined by noon, even if the teachers keep a sharp eye on him and try to keep dust away.

    2. Gabrielle 'Gabby' Emma

    Gabby likes to gab- a lot. How her parents manage to sleep at night is a mystery. Based on pre-school standards, she is the most popular girl in the class.

    3. Lilja 'Lily' Britt

    Six months ago, her family moved from Sweden to America. Lily is quiet and soft-spoken, as she doesn't understand English that well yet, and can only speak a little. She's a loner who likes to color, but she gets mad easily.

    4. Avery Isaiah

    He's the kid that everyone loves. He speaks clearly and like a child much older and is kind and considerate. He never does anything wrong- or does he?

    5. Eleanor Cassandra

    Eleanor loves math. She knows her multiplecation tables and is learning long division. She also loves to play dress up and is very sociable, even though her IQ is 143, she is lovable and knows how to act with people.

    6. Wyatt Nathaniel

    Wyatt loves sports, probably because his three older brothers do as well- in fact, the eldest plays college football. He also has a motor that never stops, and he is always in motion.

    7. Alice Abigail

    She is Matthias's twin sister, and she has got attitude. Her sense of sarcasm is far beyond her years, and Alice is, well, a nightmare for substitutes. The future class clown is here.

    8. Matthias 'Matt' John

    He is Alice's twin brother, and is the second tiny terror with comedy to arrive, though his specialty is slap stick. Unlike Alice's insulting humor, Matt manages to get everyone to laugh without hurting others' feelings (besides sticking a bug or two in Gabby's hair)

    9. Cora Delilah

    The little tomboy who happens to be faster than the boys, Cora also has taken Taekwondo for a year, and can pummel her male classmates. Competiton runs in her veins, and thrill seeking Cora has been known to pull stunts like climbing on the roof.

    10. Natsu Jacob

    Natsu was adopted from Japan when he was an infant, and is raised by very loving, wealthy, somewhat spoiling parents. However, he is a delight who smiles and laughs, and can make anyone's frown vanish in seconds. His older sister is Lucy.

    11. Charles 'Charlie' Adrian

    Charlie is a boy who loves animals. Good thing he lives on a farm, or else his rescued squirrels, rabbits and birds would be out of luck. His kindness to animals also makes him a very sweet person.

    12. Lucy Ariadne

    Lucy is, well, a handfull, considering the stories she makes up on a daily basis. Why, the reason she broke the crayons was because they were evil minions of a dragon bent on hurting Lucy's younger adopted brother Natsu. Every day, for story time, the teachers let Lucy come up with a story. She has started writing them down so she can remember them, and she even wrote an essay for her nine year old half sister- and it got an A. No doubt is Lucy a gifted writer who already reads at a fourth grade level.
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    1. Gabriel Edward nn Gabe: a michevious child with a big imagination. He is very lively and always keeps class intresting
    2. Lucianna Jane nn LuLu: a giggly little girl who is sweet and loves storytime
    3. Vivienne Juniper nn Vivi: a sweet little girl who is very quiet. She's shy and is only ever really plays with her brother
    4. Theodore James nn Teddy: an adorable little boy who is very sweet. He is Vivi's twin brother and is very protective since he is bigger than her.
    5. Matilda Louis nn Tillie: a little girl with spunk and sass who always seems to be in hijinks with Gabe
    6. Jackson Barry nn Jack: a little boy with a huge imagination and a love for science, particularly animals
    7. Carol Marie: a little girl who always seems sleepy, she is nice enough, but average
    8. Alec Matthew: a little boy who is already a heartbreaker. He is already in little league baseball
    9. Nicolette Waverly nn Ettie: a little girl who doesnt really like school so is always whispering in class. She loves recess
    10. Peter Tai: a smart little boy who loves math. He is good friends with Jack
    11. Laurence Noble nn Lars:a handsome little boy who is my son. He is very curious
    12. Fiona Alienor: a little girl who's nose is always in a book. She is very intelegent and sweet

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    1. Preston Duncan Barnes, adventurous and sneaky
    2. Charlotte Penelope Taylor, giggly and charming
    3. Addison Christina Lloyd, friendly and quiet
    4. Jack Zachary Christensen, likeable and helpful
    5. Marie Audrey Adams, mature and kind-hearted
    6. Robert Anthony Lindsey III "Trip", creative and persistent
    7. Ashlyn Rebekah McKinney, dynamic and imaginative
    8. Austin Grayson Swanson, polite and fearless
    9. Melody Violet Wade, gentle and calm
    10. Rowan Harold Wu, sociable and optimistic
    11. Kendrick Jonathan Smalls, cute and humorous
    12. Sofia Lydia Watson, wise and quick-witted

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