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    Max - NN or full name?

    I have a friend that is going to use Max for her baby due next week. She can't stand nicknames used for first names. She isn't that found of Maxwell and can't stand Maximilian or Maxfield. After looking it up, it seems like Max is one of those names that can be considered a full name. What do you Berries think?

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    I think Max is a fine stand-alone name. I have two friends with sons named Max.

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    I think Max can easily stand on it's own, but has she thought about any other full names for Max? What about Maximus, Maxon, Maxton or Maxim?
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    I thought of those options too but she doesn't like Maximus. And Maxton and Maxon sound made up to her. Maxim is a men's magazine so that is out...

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    I like Max a lot better than any of the names that start with Max. It's a fine name.
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