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    Leave the name as is and just call him Jai. He can go by his middle name.
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    I’m with everyone else. Luckily you gave him your favorite as a mn. Keep it legally the way it is - he can always but N. Jai _____ on job applications - and just call him by his mn. Nobody will find it weird and it’s much less stress on you guys.
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    Thanks everyone for your replies - it's very much appreciated.

    We've decided to start using Jai as his given name - it's what we wanted in the first place, & I'm a bit confused as to why we never did when he was first born. That's why rushing a decision is a bad idea, I guess!

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    Thanks again one & all xx.

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    I agree with everyone else. Just call him Jai and don't bother with the hassle of legally changing his name. My dad and grandfather have gone by their middle names their entire lives with little to no issue.

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