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    Question Changing Baby's name at 6 months?

    Hi everyone,

    I'm looking for some advice / opinions, please.

    My son (#4) was born 6 months ago, during a traumatic time for our family due to an unexpected accident.

    We hadn't really settled on a name beforehand, & finally decided on 'Nathan Jai', (Jai rhymes with 'eye', not 'day'); 3 days before his birth. 'Nathan' wasn't particularly high up on either of our top 10 list tbh.

    6 months on, I suppose he suits his name, but DH I were chatting recently & it turns out he doesn't really like Nathan / Nate. Jai was always both of our favourite, but at the time I vetoed it on the grounds that it might not sound like a 'proper' name when he applies for jobs, etc when he's older.

    However I still really like 'Jai'; & so does DH - I feel disappointed that I didn't use it as his first name, but I'm not sure whether it would suit him? But I don't know whether that's because I'm used to seeing him as Nathan!

    I'm aware that it's easy to change a baby's name up to 12 months, & that he wouldn't necessarily know his own name yet either - but on the other hand I feel silly admitting to family & friends that actually, we've changed our minds now.

    Also, if I was to change his name, 'Jai Nathan' doesn't work quite as well as 'Nathan Jai' - but I'm not keen on using his middle name as his given name, as it's bound to cause problems in an official capacity down the line.

    Any thoughts, opinions & experiences gratefully received - Thanks


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    I think if you both love Jai then start calling him that. You have to tell friends and family though and really stress that you want him called that and not Nathan. I wouldn't change it legally though - too much hassle and Jai is already his MN. Tons of people go by their MN's so I don't think it is that big of a deal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cengel73 View Post
    I wouldn't change it legally though - too much hassle and Jai is already his MN. Tons of people go by their MN's so I don't think it is that big of a deal.
    Exactly! Just start calling him Jai and leave his name as it is, if he wants to change it later in live, let him make that decision but as Jai is already in his name, don't bother.

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    Funny, Nathan and Jai are the names of Ariana Grande's ex boyfriends Just thought it was a bit coincidental to see the two together

    I agree with the others, since only one parent seems to have an issue with Nathan, simply call him by his MN for now. When he's older, he can choose what he likes. No sense in changing his name if it's unnecessary

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    I had dozens of high school & college friends who went by their middle names...they never had problems. It's not a big deal if you choose that option.

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