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    Favourite names from books/films/shows

    Most of the names on my list have been inspired by my favourite books/authors/poets/films/shows/plays.
    I love Oscar because of Oscar Wilde, one of my favourite authors. I also love Dorian, Gray, Wilder, Cecily, Earnest and Arthur because of him. I'm more attracted to the image of these names than I am to the way they sound or what they mean.
    There are some bizarre ones like Hercules, my favourite Disney movie and Lilo, my favourite show as a kid (Lilo and Stitch)
    They're names I wouldn't like if they didn't remind me of something/someone I loved.
    What are your favourite names inspired by literature, art or film?
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    Tess - partly because of Thomas Hardy's book
    Jude - same as above

    Benedict - Sherlock. I've always loved Ben/Benjamin/Bennett but the actor made me really think about and love this version
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    I've got loads, although I'd probably still love some of them without the associations. My favourites are probably:

    Caspian- Because of the books, and the old BBC episodes
    Sherlock- For obvious reasons. I also love Benedict (I have such a huge crush :P), and I'm warming to John.
    Edmund- For the same reason as Caspian
    Ptolemy- From the Bartimaeus trilogy
    Ephraim- I love because of Neil Gaiman's The Graveyard Book, same with Silas
    Indigo- Casson Family series, some of my fave names come from this series. I also LOVE Saffron and Cadmium.
    August- Becasue of Wonder by R.J. Palacio, such a great book
    Perseus- Percy Jackson
    Dorian- Dorian Gray
    Julian- From the Famous Five series
    And my love for Artemus stemmed from Artemis Fowl
    And of course all the Harry Potter names: Remus, Arthur, Dedalus, Fabian (actually I first saw this in another book series), Gideon, Hugo.

    Beatrix- Beatrix Potter
    Enid- Enid Blyton
    Edith- Edith Nesbit
    Morgana- Merlin
    Matilda- Matilda
    I'm warming to Molly, because of Molly Hooper (Sherlock) and Mrs Weasley.
    And again, the Harry Potter names: Arabella, Luna, Hermione, Genevra, Bellatrix (but I definitely love the name more than the character)

    For once my boys list is longer than my girls!
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    A lot of my top names were inspired by TV shows (I watch way too much TV, lol!)

    Jethro Tobias - Leroy Jethro Gibbs and Tobias Fornell, NCIS (it was actually initially a coincidence that I paired the two names up; I didn't realise the connection for a while. Doesn't put me off the combo though!)
    Malcolm - Malcolm Reynolds, Firefly (Nathan Fillion is a genius! I also love Castle and Beckett as boys names from his other show, Castle)
    Fiona - Fiona Glennane from Burn Notice
    Nell and Hettie - Nell Jones and Henrietta Lange from NCIS Los Angeles
    Prue - Prue Halliwell from Charmed (my favourite sister)

    I love all these names despite of their connections, but the shows were the first time I fell in love with them x

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    Sherlock - I think previous posters have covered this one.
    Enjolras, Gavroche - both fairly unusable names from Hugo's epic Les Miserables.
    Amedeo - both as a nod to the painter and the character from the children's book by E.L. Konigsburg, a favorite of mine growing up.
    Fitzwilliam - it's a GP. But I prefer it to Darcy, which is used more and more often for girls these days.

    Estella - as in Great Expectations.
    Ophelia - though honestly I prefer the name without the Shakespearean connotation.
    Titania - a favorite Shakespearean maiden.
    Mabel - from the Wilde play, An Ideal Husband. She was also the first major role I performed onstage, so she has a special meaning to me.
    Eloise - another childhood favorite.
    Endora - Bewitched was my childhood. Plus, it has that quirky old lady vibe that I've come to love.
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