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    I'd definitely pick Edith. It's a name I would consider using myself (it was my great nanna's name) and I adore nickname Edie. Esther would be my second choice and I think Essie is a cute nn. I wouldn't use Sally or Lois, I see them as a bit too 'middle aged' and I know too many old ladies called Phyllis to see it working for a baby, maybe Phillipa instead?

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    The only names I'm really not a fan of and feel dated/not ready for a comeback are Phyllis and Lois. I do like the suggestion of Louise or Eloise to honor Lois.

    My favorites are Bonnie and Edith. Both are on my list. I currently have Bonnie as a nickname, but it's just my selfish way to kill two birds with one stone and use two names I love rather than one. Bonnie is so sweet and underused yet, along with Sally and nn Edie for Edith, feels like it's totally ready for the playground next to all the Ellie's, Addie's, Evie's, Sadie's, etc.

    Esther is growing on me. I like the ideas of Essie or even Tess as a nickname.

    Here's my order of what I would choose:

    1. Bonnie - Again, very sweet but can age well. It reminds me of Rhett Butler and Scarlett O'Hara's daughter so it's definitely in that vintage/ready-for-a-comeback zone.

    2. Edith nn Edie - It's quirky yet classic. The nickname Edie makes it more usable for today's generation. I also think Despicable Me helped.

    3. Sally - I've never met a young Sally, but I would love to see one. It's ready!

    4. Esther nn Essie/Tess - Like I said, this name is definitely growing on me. It's harsh sort of like Edith so not everyone's going to love it, but just like Edie, Essie/Tess will win those people over.

    5. Eloise/Louise - I absolutely love these two names (they clash with our last name otherwise they'd be on my own list) so you'd think they'd be higher on this list, but Eloise is starting to get some fire under her already - I know two people who named their little girls this. Of course, they both go by Ellie. A little bit of a yawn-inducing nickname at this point. I would love to see a little Louise running around, but not as much as I'd like to see the other 4 first!
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    Lois and Esther are the only ones I'd revive. I had a school friend called Lois, she'd be around 17 now and wears it wonderfully. I also have a college friend, same age, called Lois.

    I'd pin Lois as more of a first name and Esther as more of a middle name.

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    From that list I would, hands down, pick Esther.
    I'm not fond of any of the others really, especially on their own.
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    My Top Three Faves

    Edith - vintage and full of character. Edie is one of my favourite nicknames.
    Esther - Biblical history and Essie is a cute nn.
    Bonnie - I don't normally like "nicknames as first names" but there is something cheerful and optimistic about this one so I can break the rule.

    Middle Name Only

    Lois - I prefer Louisa
    Phyllis - I think Philippa or even Phyllida would be easier for a girl to bear
    Sally - this is the name of the stranger woman who lives next door to me so I don't have a good association. I believe her real name is Sarah.
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