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    Please share your opinions about Balthazar.

    Hi all!

    Balthazar is the first boy name that I like in a very long time. I really want your opinions guys about this name.

    So what do you think about the name Balthazar?

    What kind of a man do you think Balthazar is?

    Any nicknames possibilities?

    Thanks in advance!

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    I've only heard this name for a supernatural character of some kind. However, it does have an exotic feel to it for me as well. It is a very strong name.

    Some possible nicknames that I can think of...
    Happily Married Momma to Three Sweet Girls
    Ellie {9}, Anna {19m}, and Hope {nb}.
    Also Smitten with these beauties...
    Slightly Obsessed with the Unusual...

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    Cair Paravel :)
    I really like it, but I really only like the Balthasar spelling. I recently found Baltaser in my family tree, and I'm sort of swooning over that!

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    I really like it: it certainly is out there, but in a good way (if that makes any sense), and I think that once it was bestowed upon a little boy, it would come down to earth a bit more. I see a Balthazar as being self-assured, confident and kind. He is a wonderful friend and sensitive to others emotions, but he knows when to stick up for himself and others. I can see a Balthazar in any field, but I don't think he would be content to stay a checkout kid or a burger flipper: he dreams big, and he will do whatever to takes to get there. He works incredibly hard and he knows it: he is good at what he does because he works for it. I would love to meet a little Balthazar.

    nn options: Bally, Bay, Thazar, Zari, Altha, Thad.
    Camellia Edie, Mercy Annabelle, Elowen Lilac, Vesper Daisy, Shalom Alice, Bellamy Evangeline, Ivalo Honour.

    Guthrie Abe, Enoch Matthias, Moses Amzi, Amias Ezekiel, Ignatius Beau, Rufus Gardener, Asa Eden.

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    Thanks @shannagrace, @ashthedreamer & @nooshi for your comments!! I really appreciate it!

    For your nn possibilities I really like : Zaro!

    @nooshi : I adore the image of Balthazar you have!
    @ashthedreamer : I dont really like Balthasar but Baltaser is stunning!

    Any other opinion?

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