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    Please share your opinions about Balthazar.

    Hi all!

    Balthazar is the first boy name that I like in a very long time. I really want your opinions guys about this name.

    So what do you think about the name Balthazar?

    What kind of a man do you think Balthazar is?

    Any nicknames possibilities?

    Thanks in advance!
    And so being young and dipped in folly, I fell in love with melancholy

    Edgar Allan Poe

    Belle {Vasiliki}, 20.

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    I've only heard this name for a supernatural character of some kind. However, it does have an exotic feel to it for me as well. It is a very strong name.

    Some possible nicknames that I can think of...
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    Cair Paravel :)
    I really like it, but I really only like the Balthasar spelling. I recently found Baltaser in my family tree, and I'm sort of swooning over that!

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    I really like it: it certainly is out there, but in a good way (if that makes any sense), and I think that once it was bestowed upon a little boy, it would come down to earth a bit more. I see a Balthazar as being self-assured, confident and kind. He is a wonderful friend and sensitive to others emotions, but he knows when to stick up for himself and others. I can see a Balthazar in any field, but I don't think he would be content to stay a checkout kid or a burger flipper: he dreams big, and he will do whatever to takes to get there. He works incredibly hard and he knows it: he is good at what he does because he works for it. I would love to meet a little Balthazar.

    nn options: Bally, Bay, Thazar, Zari, Altha, Thad.
    Camellia Edie, Anouk Bellamy, Vesper Daisy, Beatrice / Beatrix Emeth, Shalom Jessamine, Francesca Evangeline, Mabel Endellion, Josephine Paderau, Elowen Mercy.

    Charles Gardener, Moses Andrew, Barnaby Quiller,
    Rufus Beau, Enoch Matthias, Felix Boaz, Otis Hosea, Amias Ezekiel, Asa Gus, Ignatius Cal, Bertie Valo, Shepherd Theodore, Guthrie Abe.

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    Thanks @shannagrace, @ashthedreamer & @nooshi for your comments!! I really appreciate it!

    For your nn possibilities I really like : Zaro!

    @nooshi : I adore the image of Balthazar you have!
    @ashthedreamer : I dont really like Balthasar but Baltaser is stunning!

    Any other opinion?
    And so being young and dipped in folly, I fell in love with melancholy

    Edgar Allan Poe

    Belle {Vasiliki}, 20.

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