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    Can Augusta come down from the attic?

    My husband and I are TTC and are in "like"
    with many baby names.

    However, lately I feel more and more attached to Augusta. Is it useable in 2014/15 in the United States? I am loving it!

    Would the name Augusta be a terrible burden for a little girl, a teen, an adult ...?

    Let me explain more.

    *The patriarch of my husband's family was named August. It is such a solid vintage name. A cousin recently named her baby girl Claire August in his memory. Augusta would honor our family.

    *Our last name is very German and has 10 letters, three syllables. Augusta actually softens it, I think.

    *Augusta seems accessible, yet it is definitely not popular. She would not have to go through elementary school as "Augusta G."

    *I LOVE the nickname Aggie and don't mind Gus. I would probably call her Augusta, though.


    *A friend told me Augusta made her immediately think of Augustus Gloop, the obese and naughty boy from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. I wouldn't want people to meet my daughter and immediately picture a rotund child guzzling chocolate.

    *I am afraid the name might be considered a wallflower name by some. I don't want a future daughter to lack confidence or hate her name (and yes, I know there are no guarantees of either, regardless of name.)

    *I fear it might be too old-fashioned, and that certain family members will hate it.

    I have seen people write comments on this forum that "Augusta is so ugly!"

    What do you think? Is Augusta a beauty ready to come down from the attic? Or should Augusta stay packed away in the trunk?

    Please be honest. Don't hold back. THANKS!

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    I actually don't mind the name Augusta. And I think the nickname Aggie is adorable. I don't Augusta is a big burden of a name at all. My name is Josephine and I was in a class full of girls named Emily, Ashley, Jessica, Sarah, Melissa... And I never hated that my name was much older than the trendy names of my classmates. Although, this was all before Josephine started getting popular again.

    I love that Augusta means so much to you and your husband, it seems like you really love the name. So I wouldn't let any family members, or what might possibly happen in the future impact your decision. It really is a great name with a great meaning.
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    I think Augusta is ready to emerge mainly due to the rise of August for boys.

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    I rather like Augusta though I do think it’s a bit clunky. Other options could be the French Augustina, or German Auguste.

    To your thoughts:
    *[...]Augusta would honor our family. I think this is a really sweet notion. If this is important to you I would consider all the August/ine feminization options and choose one that flows best. But Augusta definitely fits the bill.

    *German ln (10 letters, three syllables). Augusta actually softens it, I think. Honestly, I’m having a hard time imagining what your ln would need to be for Augusta to soften it. I am German and there are very few names that would be so harsh and clunky that a name as clunky as Augusta really softens it.

    *She would never be "Augusta G.". This I totally agree with. As you said it’s “normal” enough that it won’t trip people up in pronunciation or spelling but underused enough to most likely be just hers.

    *I LOVE the nickname Aggie and don't mind Gus.I think Gus on a girl is awful. Aggie sounds a little strained to me. But I think Asta could work if need be - I’d probably go with Augusta too though.

    *Augustus Gloop. My first thought with all August names is St Augustine. I think with August being fairly popular Willie Wonka won’t be the first association most people have.

    *Wallflower name: I got to tell you I don’t think Augusta can ever be a wall flower name. The name itself carries too much punch and weight. Old fashioned maybe and if all her peers are Kaylie, Hayden, Ella and Olivia it might feel out of place but I don’t think Augusta in itself lends itself to be a wallflower. I think Emma and Olivia are much more wallflowery.

    *I fear it might be too old-fashioned, and that certain family members will hate it. It is old fashioned - and there are bound to be a few family members that will hate whatever name you choose. They might be more vocal about Augusta than they would be Emma but regardless someone’s not going to like your choice. Nothing you can do about it but please yourself and your husband.

    *"Augusta is so ugly!" Augusta isn’t ugly, it’s clunky and slightly awkward. But that’s okay, because that makes her a bit more interesting and layered. I think calling a name ugly and not explaining why is a bit lazy - don’t you?

    * What do you think? Is Augusta a beauty ready to come down from the attic? Or should Augusta stay packed away in the trunk? Normally I would recommend her as a mn. But with already having an August mn, that seems less fun as an option.I personally think Augusta is an intriguing name, but maybe a little too clunky for today. I personally would go with Augustina instead.

    Hope that helps some.
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    I love Augusta. It seems very sturdy, yet very feminine. Not a nickname fan, but Gussie would be adorable!

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