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    Leora or Liora? Convince me, please!

    I'm due in a few days with my second girl, who we've pretty much agreed to name Leora or Liora.

    I prefer Leora and my husband prefers Liora. To me, Leora looks prettier. Plus, when I see Liora I always read it lie-o-ra in my head rather than lee-o-ra as it should be.

    My husband likes that Liora is a more true spelling of the Hebrew name. He also takes issue with the Leo in Leora, I think because he thinks it's masculine but I'm not sure.

    I would love to hear which you prefer and why. If you feel strongly, please convince me of your favorite!! I'm wondering if there's an angle we haven't thought of, or if a majority of you agree with one of us. Thanks!

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    I think "light" when I see Liora (I'm also a fan of just plain Lior) and I think "Leo as in Lion" when I see Leora. My vote goes to Liora. I'm into numerology so I'll give you a different angle. Not knowing anything about the rest of the name, I can still give you a tiny speck of advice. The e in numerology is a 5 which symbolizes change/growth/travel. The i in numerology is a 9 which symbolizes completion. You already have a 9 in this name (which is the r) so if you do NOT have an e, n, or w anywhere else in the name (first, middle and last) then I would choose Leora. If you DO then I would choose Liora because I would prefer the 9 influence over the 5 influence. Too many 5's have the potential to make the person flighty or restless.

    Of course, most people think numerology is baloney, and that's fine, too. I'm just trying to give you another option to settle your dispute besides a coin flip!

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    I think its a gorgeous name however you spell it. I am taking your side on the spelling debate. I think people would have issues pronouncing the name because of how many different sounds an "i" can make. I wouldn't be too concerned about the "leo" part of the spelling because the name is not pronounced leo-ra.

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    I would go with Liora, as it is the most direct translation of the Hebrew, as your husband has said. Leora, while maybe more visually appealing in your view, seems like an unnecessary alteration to the name (it's like spelling, say, Elizabeth Alizabeth). I've never heard anyone pronounce Liora "lye-ora", and I don't think that's a concern; names with that sound are often spelled with a y (Lyra, etc.). I might also Leora to be a nickname for Leonora or Leonor; it looks like it belongs to that family, as opposed to the Lior one.
    The Leo bit concerns me less, but I would definitely encourage using the original accepted spelling; you're more likely to get misspellings on a Leora than mispronunciations on a Liora.
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    I prefer Leora, it seems a bit more feminine. When I typed "Liora" a red line appeared under it, meaning my computer thought it was a typing mistake or misspelling, but that didn't happen with Leora, so if that helps I think that means Leora is more of a proper spelling. I overall just think Leora seems prettier than Liora, but they're both great! I love your choice.

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