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    Quote Originally Posted by bibliophile View Post
    The Leo bit concerns me less, but I would definitely encourage using the original accepted spelling; you're more likely to get misspellings on a Leora than mispronunciations on a Liora.
    Just to throw a monkeywrench, Leora was the older transliteration. Liora is the more correct/consistent transliteration. "Original" is a bit fuzzy here. Styles of transliterating Hebrew have shifted over time.

    Leora is, however, more likely to be misread as Leona.

    Liora is more distinct, but also more modern-looking.

    Leora has a gentle antique vibe, but loses some of the Hebrew look/feel, IMO, and as far as I know it's pretty much fallen out of favour. I think it looks a bit softer, but also more easily mixed up with other unrelated names.

    I like the look of it with an 'e' just as far as reading it, and it's not exactly a 'new' spelling, but I think Liora is clearer and unless I was naming for Dear Aunt Leora I'd be tempted to go with the most popular accepted spelling for clarity. And you don't really want "Leo-ra" pronunciations.
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    Spelled Leora or Liora - it's a nice name. I like both.

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    I like either but I think I prefer Liora. To me at least, the Liora spelling looks more feminine and just has more visual appeal. It also looks more modern and less clunky than Leora.

    I guess it kind of depends on the style and image you're going for. Liora feels fresh and slightly exotic, while Leora seems very vintage-chic.

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    Thanks for the extremely helpful responses so far! If it helps explain my style, my first daughter's name is Dahlia. So you can see we went with the more English spelling of a Hebrew name.

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    With Leora I immediately see Leona. I also had an ex fiancé named Leo, so leora does seem more masculine, just in looks to me.

    Liora does remind me of light, as another poster had said. I say it as Lee-Ora, not lie-Ora. It's a lot prettier written, and seems more feminine to me.
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