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    Yes, we call them by their first names, no nicknames or pet names. We don't have a lot of imagination when it comes to terms of endearment, not even when the kids were infants. They've always been Theo and Lilia. When number three arrives I cannot imagine calling her anything but her first name.

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    I don't have children, but I'm fascinated by this concept.

    My boyfriend goes by his middle name, and he has told me that it's annoying at times, because all of his life employers, teachers, and such have called him by his first name. He also has said he doesn't feel like that's his name at all, and wishes it were his middle instead.

    So, we plan on naming our child exactly what we want them called. If we want to call her Callie, we won't name her Calliope just for the sake of having a longer more "proper" name.

    I hate when people name a child something, and never have any intention of calling them that. For example, I know someone who named their child William Kaiden Ray ___, with intentions of calling him Kaide. What? JUST NAME HIM KAIDE. Drives me nuts.
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    I don't have kids yet, but my parents (and pretty much everyone else) call me Nooshi, even though Sophie is on my birth certificate. I introduce myself as Nooshi. It isn't that my parents hated Sophie (they love it, as do I), but they started calling me Baba Ganoush as a pet name, which eventually got shortened to Nooshi, which stuck.

    My sister's name is Eden, her mn Ruby. She only gets called Eden when she is in trouble . Otherwise she is called Edie-Ru or Rooster. My parents had every intention of calling us Sophie and Eden, but somehow we ended up named after an eggplant dip and a farmyard animal .
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    I don't have kids yet. OH is sold on naming our son Isaac with a G middle name and calling him Iggy or just Zac.
    He and his siblings all go by some nn. Marty, Clay, Leo/Meatloaf, Frank, Oscie (pronounced oz-key, which kills me, if you have to shorten it call him Ozzie), Lucy/Hazel Lu and Edie/Edie Jean.

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    Nooshi - I love your story

    All 4 of our kids go by their first name but have pet names.

    Dylan - Dyl or Dilly Bar
    Dustin - Poots, Pooter, Pooter Bob (He used to say computer like pooter and the name stuck)
    Ryan - RyRy
    Jace - He has a ton of NN's. Jacers, Puhnutters/P (which came from us calling him Peanut when he was born), Peeps or Peepers (which came from him having big eyes). Tons of people call him Peepers - I'm sure he will love it when he is older - lol

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