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    Your 9 kids (the Jackson's)

    DH: JWJ
    DW: KEJ

    DD: MRJ
    DS: SEJ nn. Starts w/ J
    DS: TAJ
    DS: JLJJ
    DD: LYJ
    DS: MDJ
    DS: MJJ
    DS: SRJ nn. Goes by middle name
    DD: JDJJ

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    H: Jonathan West Jackson
    W: Kimberly Elena Jackson

    D: Margot Ramona Jackson
    S: Sebastian Edmund Jackson
    S: Tobias Archer Jackson
    S: Jeremy Lewis Jon Jackson
    D: Luna Yasmin Jackson
    S: Maxfield Devon Jackson
    S: Matteo James Jackson
    S: Sidney Rudolph Jackson
    D: Juno Dana Jean Jackson

    Jon (40) and Kim (39) with: Margot (19), Jeb (16), Tobias (14), Jem (12), Luna (10), Max (7), Matt (6), Rudy (3), and Junie (14mo).

    My own backstory with the nicknames: when Sebastian was born Margot was three and she was struggling with her speech, she couldn't pronounce her new brother's full name so Jon and Kim started to call him Seb, thinking this would be easier, but little Margot couldn't form her "s" properly and so Seb became Jeb, a nickname that has remained 16 years later. From oldest son to youngest, Sidney Rudolph was born a week before Christmas Day, Jon and Kim had always loved the name Rudolph but didn't feel brave enough to use it at all with their other children, however when a boy was born so close to Christmas they considered it a sign and gave Sidney the middle name they loved. From birth his parents and siblings have called him Rudolph or Rudy around the house, and now he is three it has become a common nickname at his nursery too!
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