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    Cecelia or Cecilia

    Theres been a lot of debate on the spelling of this name. My husband FINALLY agreed to my first pick Cecilia, however he wants to spell it Cecelia. The nickname he wants to use is Cece and i will probably call her Celia, even though i know its technically its own name and not a nickname. But when i googled the name Cecelia it asked if i meant Cecilia. I do t really want my daughter thinking we made a typo on her birth cert. please help me love the spelling my husband is adament on using!!! We only have 5 weeks to go!

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    Hmm.. I just typed it into google too and I see what you're talking about! I think that Cecelia and Cecilia are two different names, though. I would go with Cecelia. It's not like it's a made up spelling or anything..

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    I think it depends on the composition of the middle and last name. Disregarding that I prefer Cecelia. I think it looks more youthful.

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    Cecelia is a perfectly acceptable spelling. If he wants Cece and you want Celia, I think it's pretty much perfect.
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    Early congratulations, mama! Your choice is an angelic, yet strong one.

    I tend to be very picky about spellings (I work as an editor), so here are my 2 cents.

    I would go with the traditional spelling of Cecilia. Saints are named Cecilia. Even the Simon and Garfunkel song is "Cecilia."

    I absolutely think your husband still can call her Cece, even with her name spelled Cecilia. I know a little Italian-American girl who is a very talented gymnast who is named Cecilia but goes by Cece, even at meets! I thought Cece was her given name for a long time.

    Go with your gut. Your have made such a lovely selection. Do you know that Saint Cecilia is the patron saint of musicians?

    Also: Be sure to post in Nameberry's birth announcements after your little one arrives! GOOD LUCK!

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