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    I think that you're overthinking it a bit. Piper is a great name and I don't think that most kids would have negative connotations with it. Anyone can be teased for any name. I knew a girl named Piper once (she was around 12 when I knew her) and I never heard her get teased. I say go with Piper! But if you decide not to go with Piper, similar names are Poppy, Pepper, Posy, or Petal. I think that those would have more teasing potential, though. Good luck!

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    Thank you! I really like it, but since I'm second-guessing so much I'm just not sure it's the right name. Piper might be too chipper for me. Big sister's name is Ellie (we mostly call her Elle), so I'd like to stay away from another "ie" ending name.

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    Go for Piper if you like it, I know a few people who have used it, and until you mentioned it, I didn't realize there was a slang version of the name at all!

    Magnolia is great too! I always thought Nola would be a cute nickname Ellie and Nola?
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    What is the slang meaning of Piper that is so awful? I'm completely in the dark here.
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    I am also completely in the dark on any seedy meaning associated with Piper.

    I would be more concerned with popularity than potential teasing. A grand total of three women I attended high school with name daughters named Piper, and I went to a small school. Harper and Nora/Nora are also very trendy, at least here in the Midwest.

    If you are in love with Piper, go with your heart, mama. And, please, pretty please post in our Nameberry birth announcements forum once your little one arrives.

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