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Thread: Posy/Posie

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    I originally had Posy/Posie on my list solely as a nickname for Rosalie. But I just can't get over Rosalie's connection to Twilight and feel it might be a bit to formal and flowery for my taste. (...and a posy is a bunch of flowers. Ironic, I know.)

    And then I watched a movie where the couple named their daughter Posy. Not Rosalie or Josephine. Just Posy. It stuck with me as I wondered, "Is Posy a 'real' name? Can it stand alone or is it just too nicknamey and cutesy?"

    What do you think?

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    I love Posy. I think it's rather cutesy for a first name but I wouldn't fault a person for using it. I think it is more exciting. Like a jazzed up combination of Poppy and Rosie both of which are used as first names.

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    I dont think Posy would age well. Maybe Primrose nn Posy?
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    I was just thinking about Posy the other day, along with Poppy. I think I've decided that they would be better as nicknames for Penelope, but then I think that if I'm going to call them by their nickname all the time, why not just make it their name?! Hmm.. I'll keep an eye on this thread and see what others say.

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    I love the name Posy. Not long ago I met a little girl with that name, it was her given name, and it worked well on her. I think it would age just fine.

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