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    Let's talk about Henry

    I have such a mixed relationship with Henry. Sometimes I hate it and sometimes I love it. Right now I'm crushing on it again, and hopefully this time it will stick around.

    What do you think of Henry? I know it's a Nameberry favorite, so hopefully a good number of people will chime in to share why they love Henry.
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    I love Henry. I like to pair it with something with a bit more sass, so I have Henry Marcellus on my list at the moment, but I also love the classic Henry Elijah. It's very charming and ages extremely well. It's one of those names that I can picture on any age. The only problem I have with Henry is that I'm a nickname person and I don't like any of the potential nicknames.
    Thoughts in this thread?

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    Henry has been one of my favourites forever (right up with Matthew and Louis) because it's incredibly versatile. One problem I tend to have, is finding the confidence to use the names on my list (like Doris, Florence, Minnie, etc), because to some, they're crusty/old/unfashionable/horrid/child abuse/whatever, but Henry's one of those old fashioned favourites that never goes out of style, without being everywhere in the way that Elizabeth and say, Michael are. Henry's got some balance to it, classic, but not overdone, and with no pronunciation or spelling issues whatsoever. I've yet to find a bad thing about the name Henry to be honest :P

    The Henry combos I've had in the past are;

    Henry Caradoc
    Henry Alexander
    Henry Quinn
    Henry Lucas
    Henry Matthew
    Henry Patrick
    Henry James
    Henry Michael
    Henry Liam
    Henry Joshua

    And Henry works beautifully with your list

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    I love Henry. I have Henry Birch on my short list, both honor my dad. Henry is very versatile. He is down to earth, friendly, easy going, and approachable. Henry is very fitting on a boy or a grown man. If a person wants a little more spunk, you can always use Huck as a nickname.

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    I'm in the same boat, unfortunately. I think it's quirky and gentlemanly and goodhearted, and I love hearing it, but in general I'm much more excited about it as a middle name. But sometimes I crush on it really, really hard, and I especially love it paired with my top choice for a girl (I think Isabelle and Henry are adorable together!). Sometimes it's just sort of boring as a FN. That, and I have an impossible time coming up with a combo. I can't find anything that flows right and I think is pleasing aesthetically; ugh. I love Henry, but sometimes I hate him. I think he fits really great with your list, though, and I think Hal and Harry are cute nns. I'm not a huge fan of Hank or Huck, though, nearly so much. I think meeting a truly great Henry would change my mind, though. For now, I keep considering him as a middle. I'm especially a huge fan of Daniel Henry and Abbott Henry.

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