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    I love boy names that end in -a, but how to deal with any sisters?

    The usual disclaimer: *not pregnant, this thread is entirely hypothetical (until it is not)*

    So like the title says, I love boy names that end in -a, like, and to prove my love is serious some names that are quite out there as well:

    But the problem I have is that when I try to imagine the name in a sibset with girls I get stuck because my favourite girls names are short and end in -a too so on paper they share perhaps too many similarities with the boys name and that doesn't feel right. The problem is not as big when it's just that one sister, but when a second sister comes into play I really get stuck. So which two sisters would you suggest with any of these names? I don't mind if you make a selection or just go with one name it's all about seeing an example of what you think will work.

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    There are lots of great names that don't end in 'a.'

    boys: Julian, Leo, Oscar, Wesley, Alexander, Sebastian
    girls: Matilda, Leona, Hazel, Elena, Vivian, Miriam

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    I picked my two favourites and made sibsets with them:

    Sasha, Leonor and Maeva
    Sasha, Cora and Inés
    Sasha, Willa and Pearl

    Luca, Tessa and Sylvie
    Luca, Mari and Alma
    Luca, Sabine and Flora

    It wasn't on purpose, but it seems all the girls are one -a ender and one not ending in -a. I think Luca, Alma and Tessa would be okay as well, it's just that I didn't put them together like that earlier.
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    Most of what you listed are relatively obscure Biblical names and Russian names, so how about a few girls names that fall into those categories:

    Adiel, Kezia, Myral, Naomi, Leah, Petra
    Vashti - one of these days I'm gonna get someone to love this name because it's rockin awesome

    Anya, Varya, Polina

    I don't think completely out of the question to have a sibset including something like Luca and Moriah -- as long as the boys -a name doesn't feel overly feminine (which none on your list do) having a sister who's name also ends with an -a sound isn't that big a deal.

    So with brothers Ezra and Micha, I'd go with 2 sisters: Varya and Petra
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    Hey thank you, I like Lily, Poppy, Daisy and Vivian. I like Hazel very much too but I could never use it.

    Thank you so much as well!
    I love the sibsets - Sasha, Leonor and Maeva & Sasha, Willa and Pearl. Luca, Alma and Tessa would sound really cool too if it wasn't for the fact that I grew up with various different Tessas but I still love the sound of that name so much so I am not entirely sure whether I would never consider it at all.

    Willa and Leonor are two of my favourite names!

    And thank you to you.
    Indeed I like obscure biblical names in general. As for Russian that's just a coincidence really, which is perhaps also why I have to tell you now that I'm slightly allergic to the name Anya. I'm also not big on Petra, even though that's Greekish.

    I actually like the sound of Vashti but I'd need some guts to actually use it! From that list I also like Leah and Kezia.

    Anyone else?

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