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    A place in which i am king and you are all my precious underlings.....
    @gipro, I was just about to explain that! I had a brain fart and forgot to do that beforehand I'm just so BRILLIANT.

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    @amaya_moonrae, Nice to see that someone else has knowledge about the subject! Inaccurate stereotypes are kind of a pet peeve among the albinism community.
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    One of my favorite rare appearances is African American people with blue eyes. There was a girl on America's Got Talent a few years ago that had striking blue eyes and dark skin. She was beautiful! It sounds like you're going with a white person, but I just thought I would share my thoughts.

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    A place in which i am king and you are all my precious underlings.....
    @gripo, I know how annoying stereotypes can be. See, I have really short hair, so I MUST be a total tomboy with absolutely no femininity AT ALL. Of course, that's not near as big as a deal. My mom's a nurse, so she's taught me all about this stuff, but I have a special fascination with albinism-don't really know why, though. Maybe it's because albinos, of I'm not mistaken, have white eyelashes, and for some reason I find that so cool.

    @faithnamer, I think they call people like that platinum children! I could obviously be mistaken, but I knew a pure Hispanic girl with very pale skin, blonde hair, and blue eyes. And yes, she was pure Hispanic! She even had DNA tests to prove it! Things like this are just amazing, aren't they?
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    I currently have both green eyes and green hair (okay not naturally, and it's only the tips, but still). Ha, just some inspiration.

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