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    DH: James Frederick Meyer
    DW: Charlotte Grace Meyer nee Philips
    Married 2010
    James is a journalist, i am a kindergarden teacher. We met through a mutual friends party and it was love at first sight. We dated for two years before we got married, in July 2010. It was a beautiful and intimitate church wedding, i wore a long, white sleevless gown with a short veil. We spend our honeymoon in Rome, Italy. After that we settled down in Pittsburgh.

    2011: Our first year as married. And it's an exciting one, since i become an aunt! My older sister Elizabeth and her husband Jason welcomes a beautiful baby boy, Matthew Robert O'Neill. He's such a joy and James and i can't wait to start our own family.

    2012: We got pregnant! We are so excited and are really looking forward to welcome our first child. We decide to let the sex be a surprise. Just one week before christmas it's finally time. After a 27 hour long leighbour our beautiul son is born. James is very happy to have a boy. We name him Conrad James and we couldn't be any happier.

    2013: We recently moved out to the country side and pursueded a small ranch and we adopt three wonderful horses, all geldings. A chestnut named Red Dancer, a bay named Churchill and a grey named Ghost.

    2014: We are having our second child this year, and we decide yet again to not known the sex. Our second beautiful baby is born on a sunny May afternoon, and it's another boy! William August is welcomed with open arms by his big brother Conrad.

    2015: I got a new job and unfortunetly it means we have to sell the ranch and the horses and move to another state, Idaho, where we hopefully will stay for a while.

    2016: A huge tragedy hits James and his family, when a longtime friend of them, Anna Moore, dies after a long battle with breat cancer and lives behind two young boys, 7 and 4 years old. They are going to live with James single sister.

    2017: We are expecting again, and to our big surprise it's not one, but two, twins! They are born on a late October night, two beautiful, healthy boys. Tobias Samuel and Lucas Henry are welcomed by their two very excited big brothers.

    2018: One of my closest friends from college, Julia Campbell, and her husband dies in a tragic car accident and leaving their two children, 7 year old Eric and 5 year old Maya, orphaned. My husband and i decide that, despite we have four children of our own, to let them stay with us for a while until a better solution will be in store.

    2019: We were quite sure that four children was quite enough, but fate wanted something else. I fell pregnant and this time we found out it was going to be a girl! We were really happy, especially me. Our anticipated and perfect little princess, Sophia Elizabeth, was born on an early morning in June. Conrad, William, Tobias and Lucas are head over heels for their little sister.

    2020: I have left my career as a kindergarten teacher and insted followed my dream to have my own clothes shop, since fashion has always been a big interest of mine. Together with my favorite cousin, Rebecca, we open a store called Chic. It's going really well.

    2021: My husband and i have had a lot of arguments lately and our marriage are hanging on a thread. We decide to seperate for a while to see if we will find back to each other again. After two months apart we realize we can't live without each other and move back together, which causes great joy for both us, but especially our children. And we know now that we can go through anything, beacuse we love each other so much.

    2022: A disaster nearly strikes our family. We are having a family day on the beach, and our oldest child, Conrad, swims to far out. We don't realize that until we hear his scream for help. Thank God the lifeguards had noticed him and reached him before it was too late. But two more minutes, and he had drowned, he was so exhausted. It shook us all up, especially me, i i couldn't stop blaming myself. Let's say we are avoiding the beach for a while.

    2023: On my birthday, my husband surprise me with a brand new car, a silver colored mercedes. I love it!

    2024: We decided it was time to have som pets in the house, so we are adopting two dogs from a shelter. One is a happy and carefree 5 year old golden retriver male named Lucky and the other is a laidback and cuddly 3 year old black labrador male named Zorro.

    2015: I fall pregnant, but sadly i have an early miscarriage. We decide after that we are happy with the five kids we already have. But as i said before, fate will always have the last say, and i become pregnant with our second set of twins! Our miracle babies, a boy and a girl, are born in november. Graham Patrick and Adelaide Rose completing our family in the most wonderous way.

    James & Charlotte

    Conrad (13), William (11), Tobias (8), Lucas (8), Sophia (6), Graham (NB) & Adelaide (NB)
    Name nerd. Cat lover. Proud aunt to Ellen Lizzie 3/17/2015

    Lovely Girls
    Iris Margareta*Alma Josephine*Ophelia May*Ramona Juliet*Willow Beatrice*Phoebe Amelia*
    Alice Theodora*Matilda Jane*Florence Mary*Edith Grace*Audrey Elisabeth*Rose Viviana*
    Handsome Boys
    James Henry*William August*Owen Frederick*Isaiah Paul*Sebastian Charles*Louis Andrew*
    Caleb James*Wyatt Nicholas*Thomas Emilio*Alexander John*Samuel Evan*Gabriel Matthew*

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    Sienna Grace & Elijah James
    Married 2015

    2016: We have triplets but one miscarriages and Elijah and I have one boy and one girl Silas Parker & Averlee Hazel

    2017: Now we are a family of three so we decide to go on a family vacation to Disney World and find this adopting center and adopt a little boy named Levi Maddox who is a newborn

    2018: Elijah and I have had pets all our life and we a adopt a Yorkshire Terrier named Bella

    2019: We decide to have another child which is another boy named Bentley Jeremiah and Bella dies because of tumor

    2020: You and Elijah think about getting some extra money because you want to have more kids but don't know how you are going to afford all of them so you start a YouTube channel

    2021: Your YouTube channel already has reached fifty thousand subscribers and to celebrate you give birth to a little girl named Giovanna Ingrid

    2022: The TLC network wants your family to be on one of there shows and your family is going to be the star! From the show you get a cat named Whiskers that is a boy

    2023: On my birthday I find out that I am pregnant with twin girls named Clara Tess & Alena Rose

    2024: Someone got into your YouTube channel and you can't access it anymore so you have to make a totally new account! But the show gives you a new dog that you name Ariel that is a poodle

    2025: You decide to know move state to California for your shows 3rd season to become a dancer on the show Dancing With The Stars and get a nanny named Rose

    2026: The relationship between you and Elijah just isn't working out and you guys have to get a divorce but you a guy named Gavin who you met at a coffee shop who works with the magazine People and he also has three kids named Josephine who is seven, Declan who is four, and Tobias who is two

    2027: Now you and Gavin aren't working out because of how many children are in the house because he is a only child but eventually he finally gets used to the schedule

    2028: Out of no where you are pregnant with girl twins named Emilia Pearl and Ruby Quinn

    2029: You have triplets again but one miscarriages and they are both named Alessandra Elle and Olivia Violet

    2030: A family member dies and leaves $10,000,000 in there will and you spend it on a new house and get two more cars one is a Honda and the other one is a Toyota

    2031: You get a new cat because Whiskers died but the new one is a Alaskan Blue that is a male named Conner that is 7 months

    Silas (15)
    Averlee (15)
    Levi (14)
    Bentley (12)
    Giovanna (10)
    Clara (8)
    Alena (8)
    Joesphine (13)
    Declan (9)
    Tobias (7)
    Emilia (3)
    Ruby (3)
    Alessandra (2)
    Olivia (2)

    Bella (Died)
    Whiskers (Died)
    Ariel (7)
    Connor (7 months)

    That was fun but it took a while!

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    Your name is Elma Josephine Cross & you're a 22-year-old kindergarten teacher fresh out of college. Your husband, 25-year-old Willis Joseph Cross, who goes by "Will," is an electrician. The two of you married a year ago, when you were 21 and he was 24. The wedding was a small garden affair, and you went on a three-day honeymoon to the Florida Keys.

    After the wedding, you two moved into a tiny one-bedroom apartment in the center of New York. The space is perfect, though, since you two decorated it together in your shared vintage style. It's close to the school you work at, which makes it the ideal location.

    1: When you turn 23, your best friend, Emily Rose Lowe, is the first one to rush to your side with a bag full of gifts. The two of you have been best friends since you were little girls, and you love her like a sister. Emily insists you two go out on the town for your birthday, and you reluctantly agree. After the night wraps up you two head home in separate cars. The next morning the news breaks--Emily was killed in a collision on her way home.

    Emily left her children to you & Will, and you're more than happy to take the children in. You end up changing the kids' names to reflect their addition to your family. Lucas Matteo Lowe-Cross (Luke, 7) & Layla Marina Lowe-Cross (5) are now a big part of your lives, and you're cramped in your small apartment, but because of finances, you just have to make due.

    2: The following year, tragedy strikes again. While out at the park, Luke runs across the street and is hit by a speeding driver. He is in a coma for 30 days before finally regaining his ability to speak. After 4 months, he comes home, but he's not the same Luke. He's got problems communicating and can barely keep food down. He's temperamental, violent, and, at times, uncontrollable. The stress of taking care of Luke takes a toll on you and you leave your job to stay home with him.

    3: A week after your 25th birthday, you get a call from Will's best friend's family. He passed away in a motorcycle accident and his two children, 7-year-old Henry Micah Nixon & 5-year-old Freya Lorena Nixon, are left in your custody. You're not sure you can handle the stress of two more children in your tiny 1-bedroom apartment, but you take them in and try to figure things out as best as you can.

    4: You & Will are sleeping on the two couches in the living room while the kids are sleeping in the bedroom. You're now parents to Luke (9), Layla (7), Henry (7) & Freya (5).

    5: The next year, you decide to get a dog for the kids to play with. You adopt a Golden Retriever and name him Brutus.

    6: The following year, you adopt two more dogs: a terrier named Scotty & a Cocker Spaniel named Jojo.

    7: When you turn 28, you start to feel the stress of having four children and one that's not mentally stable. You and Will separate, and he goes to live with his parents back in Texas. You start to break under pressure of raising that many children on your own, so you call Will and beg him to come back. The romance is rekindled the minute you two see each other for the first time.

    8: One year later, you come home to a very happy Luke. He tells you he had his first kiss with Lydia, a girl from his class. Even though you're a bit shocked, you're very excited for Luke and can't believe his social progress. At 13, Luke has experienced a major life moment.

    9: For your 30th birthday, Will surprises you with a brand new Honda! You're so excited to have a new car and can't believe that you get something all to yourself. It's very helpful in transporting Luke to his doctor's appointments and taking the kids out on the town.

    10: The following year, you & Will are happy to announce your first pregnancy together. You are shocked to discover that it's triplets, but you later miscarry and are left with only one baby boy. You deliver your first biological son, Maxim Alexandre Cross, who goes by "Max." Even though the apartment is tight, you are having a wonderful time living there with your growing family.

    11: You unexpectedly fall pregnant with twin boy/girl twins at the age of 32. You deliver Chiara Elizabeth Cross & Elio Tanner Cross, and then move to a bigger 3-bedroom apartment. Even though it's harder to pay the bills, you're willing to sacrifice for the larger space. You, Will, Chiara & Elio sleep in the largest room. Luke, Henry & Max sleep in one, and Layla & Freya sleep together.

    12: You adopt another dog, named Clio. He's a Labrador and fills the home with love.

    13: Will's great-grandmother passes away and leaves you $10,000,000 in her will. You & Will buy a gorgeous 7-bedroom home in Albany, New York, and move out there with your family. You use the money to buy another family car and to help pay for Luke's medical bills. Now, you & Will have your own room. Luke has his own. Henry has his own. Layla & Freya share a room. Max & Elio share another. Chiara has her own. One room is left as a nursery.

    14: Will surprises you yet again with a new car, but this time, a brand new Mercedes. It's your first luxury car and you're so excited to have something so beautiful belong to you. It's a good life.

    15: At 36, you give birth to twin boys: Thatcher Norman Cross & Jasper Virgil Cross. They complete your family.


    Elma Josephine Cross (36) & Willis Joseph Cross (Will, 39)

    1. Lucas Matteo Lowe-Cross (21)
    2. Layla Marina Lowe-Cross (19)
    3. Henry Micah Nixon-Cross (19)
    4. Freya Lorena Nixon-Cross (17)
    5. Maxim Alexandre Cross (5)
    6. Chiara Elizabeth Cross & Elio Tanner Cross (4, Twins)
    7. Thatcher Norman Cross & Jasper Virgil Cross (Newborn Twins)
    || Elif Merima Hatidža || Arabela Kada Fatima || Solomija Hadžira Rahima ||
    || Alaga Muhamed Mumin || Rijad Ilijas Mumin || Elham Ibrahim Džan ||

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    Tom and Charlotte were married in 2017. They had a small church wedding and honeymooned in Italy for a month. They live in Arlington, Virginia. Tom is a paramedic and Charlotte is an elementary school teacher.

    DH (41): Thomas Benedict Watson "Tom"
    Tom has red hair and brown eyes.
    DW (40): Charlotte Natalie Watson (nee Young)
    Charlotte has auburn hair and hazel eyes.
    DD (13): Annabel Jane Watson
    Annabel has red hair and brown eyes.
    DS (11): Desmond George Watson
    Desmond has brown hair and brown eyes.
    DS (9): Spencer Elijah Watson
    Spencer has red hair and hazel eyes.
    DD (7): Vivienne Edith Watson
    Vivienne has red hair and hazel eyes.
    DD (6): Emma Beatrice Watson
    Emma has auburn hair and brown eyes.
    DD (3): Sybil Eleanor Watson
    Sybil has auburn hair and brown eyes.
    DD (nb): Penelope Maria Watson "Penny"
    Penny has red hair and hazel eyes.

    2017: A tree falls on Tom and Charlotte's house, damaging the front section and making the home unlivable until repairs are finished. The couple lives with Tom's parents, Edward and Susan Watson, for 5 months.
    2018: Charlotte is unexpectedly pregnant with a baby girl!
    2019: The Watson family adopts 3 Missouri Fox Trotter horses named Sundance (chesnut-coloured female), Whisper (gray-coloured female), and Sheriff (perlino-coloured male).
    2020: Charlotte has a baby boy!
    2021: Charlotte gets a tattoo on her left hip of her husband and children's birthdays.
    2022: Charlotte has a baby boy!
    2023: Tom's mother Susan dies. She leaves Tom $10,000 in her will. He uses it to expand the family home, buying more land for the horses and allowing the children to each have their own bedroom. Any leftover money goes into the children's education fund.
    2024: Charlotte has a baby girl!
    2025: Charlotte is unexpectedly pregnant with a baby girl!
    2026: Annabel is kidnapped on her walk home from school! A drunk man mistook her for his estranged daughter. The police are able to convince him to release her, and he is arrested. The family goes on vacation for a month to Washington, D.C. to visit Charlotte's parents, Paul and Lynn Young, and recover.
    2027: Tom's brother Derek and his wife Julia have their first son, Daniel Lewis Watson.
    2028: Charlotte is unexpectedly pregnant with a baby girl!
    2029: Charlotte completes her tattoo on her left hip with the rest of her children's birthdays.
    2030: Derek and Julia have their second son, Ethan Rupert Watson.
    2031: Charlotte is unexpectedly pregnant with a baby girl!
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    Names I love right now:
    Thomas - Wesley - Desmond - Jack - Albert - Spencer - Harry
    Annabel - Vivienne - Matilda - Sophie - Sybil - Maria - Jane

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    James Theodore Avery and Katherine Eliza Avery met at an art event when they both were 19. They got married 6 years later in a small ceremony in Connecticut. They honeymooned in Europe and got to visit 15 european countries. They also bought a 4 bedroom house in New Jersey after getting married. James is an architect and Kate works at a bank.

    Year 1: Kate's sister Emma Lucille Morgan falls pregnant with a baby boy-Jacob Daniel Morgan
    Year 2: James and Kate welcome a baby girl Grace Caroline Avery
    Year 3: Kate is unexpectedly pregnant with girl/girl twins. Allison Maria Avery & Alexandra Claire Avery
    Year 4: James gets a new job and forced to move state. Where does she move to? Pennsylvania.
    Year 5: Kate is unexpectedly pregnant with a girl. Hope Cecilia Avery.
    Year 6: Kate opens a shoe shop with her sister Emma. They name it Mory Shoes.
    Year 7: Kate and James move to San Antonio,Texas.
    Year 8: Kate and James adopt a british shorthair kitten. Her name's Penny.
    Year 9: Kate's unexpectedly pregnant with boy/girl twins. Charlotte Giselle Avery & Gabriel Lucas Avery
    Year 10: Kate and James adopt a kitten. Her name's Poppy.
    Year 11: Kate gets a tattoo. What is it? Her kids' initials on her hand. G.C.;A.M.; A.C.; H.C.; C.G.; G.L.
    Year 12: Kate gives birth to another baby girl Vivienne Isobel Avery
    Year 13: Kate's unexpectedly pregnant with boy/girl twins. Audrey Olive Avery & Samuel William Avery
    Year 14: Kate and James move into a mansion in South Dakota. What city is it in? Aberdeen, SD
    Year 15: Kate and James have a single baby boy. Nathaniel Henry Avery.

    Kate, James and their kids: Gracie, Ali, Alex, Hope, Lottie, Gabe, Vie, Audri, Sam, Nate & 2 cats: Penny & Poppy.
    Girls: Neva, Hope, Katherine, Harlow, Vivienne, Florence, Grace, Nalha, Primrose, Arabella, Isla.

    Boys: Nicholas, Luke, Stephen, Leon, John, William, Henry, Victor, Fredrich, Rainer, Simon, Felix.

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