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    I'm not a parent yet, and I have no idea how things will change when I'm a parent. I think I would try to parent in a similar way that I was raised. I'd probably limit tv time to 1-2 hours max, watch shows that I saw growing up (e.g., Wishbone, Sesame Street, The Magic School Bus, etc.), and limit internet usage. I did have a laptop in my room (no internet connection) with Microsoft office for my schoolwork. I was also allowed to play certain computer games, especially the ones like typershark that taught me to type. I REALLY want my kids to love reading; I plan to read to them often and have at least an hour of reading time a day. I know a mom with twins who is able to do a reading hour with them (they are 2), so I hope any future children of mine can also handle a similar thing.

    I think that what is really important is modeling the correct behavior and doing stuff as a family. I know two families who allow tv/internet for their kids; the children are well-adjusted, social, and a joy to be around. The parents also make a strong effort to spend valuable time with their and don't have their faces glued to a phone. I know another family who has tv on all the time, parents constantly on facebook/twitter/instagram, the kids can't talk to adults, and they are almost in the double-digits and can't read. The xbox with all the war games are like the boy's life, and it makes me sad to see. All the families have the technology, but the parenting and behavior of the parents have resulted in very different children.
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