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    May 2013
    DW: Indira Hollin Pax [nee McKay]
    DH: Alaric Bryant Pax

    DD: Cassia Bryony Pax
    DD: Damara Cherrie Pax
    DS: Garth Farley Pax
    DS: Bartholomew Emrys Pax
    DS: Tiernan Ulysses Pax
    DD: Eleni Gisele Pax
    DD: Ianthe Zandria Pax
    DD: Arabelle Mavis Pax
    DS: Jarrett Deacon Pax

    Dog: Penny
    Cat: Audra

    Street: 43 Applewood Lane

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    Sep 2012
    24, ISTJ, Britberry, Cabin Crew
    Always on the hunt for something fresh, here's my top twenty four:
    Annabelle Eulalie Estelle Helena Lorna Lucille Maeve Nina Noelle Romilly Simona Wilhelmina
    Francis Frederick George Henry Jonah Magnus Phillip Sidney Stanley Vincent Walter Wilfred

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    Surname: McKay

    Mom: Indira Hollis McKay "Indie"
    Dad: Anders Bretton McKay

    Daughter: Cambria Briony McKay "Cami"

    Daughter: Clea Cypress McKay

    Son: Flynt Garrison McKay "Flyn"

    Son: Eamon Hugh McKay

    Son: Tobin Ulysses McKay "Toby"

    Dd: Gray Emrys McKay

    Dd: Zandria Inga McKay "Ria"

    Dd: Addie Avelyn McKay

    Ds: Quintus Jefferson McKay "Quint"

    Dog: Penny

    cat: Lucan "Lucky"

    Street name: Applewood Lane

    Indie and Anders
    Cami, Clea, Flyn, Eamon, Toby, Gray, Ria, Addie, and Quint McKay on Applewood Lane with Penny and Lucky

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    Sep 2013

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    Surname: McKay
    Mom: Harlyn Ivory
    Dad: Bryant Ashby

    Daughter: Courtlyn Brennan
    Daughter: Cyra Damara
    Son: Garrity Flynt
    Son: Hyatt Ellington
    Son: Thayer Ulysses
    Dd: Emberley Grey
    Dd: Zandy Ilaria
    Dd: Avelyn Joliet
    Ds: Kenyon Morris
    Dog: Emri
    cat: Fiji

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