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    I'm an ally 100%!
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    A little bit late but since I last posted almost two years ago my views have became much clearer to me. I'm a straight, catholic who is 100% a supporter of LGBTQ rights, I actually don't want to get married until it is legal in Australia and despite the fact that the majority are for legalisation it seems a long way from actually happening here. For me if I were to be gay I know my mum would be supportive (she doesn't see gay marriage as something you should have an opinion on since it's no different to any other couple), my siblings would be supportive (again to them it's just a normal relationship) but my dad unfortunately most likely wouldn't since he's spent his whole life in a small town with very little diversity when play school featured a gay family my dad said it was ridiculous that we were catering to such a small minority, I also know we doesn't support gay marriage even though my mums brother is gay.

    Over the past two years I've had a lot of friends come out (ones asexual bi-romantic (my friend describes this as she has absolutely zero interest in sex but is still attracted to both genders and still dreams of marriage and things like that just with no sex), three are bi, ones pansexual and ones a lesbian). I had my school ball a few years ago and for the first time at my school two girls were allowed to take a female partner as long as they were "just friends" and it didn't become a regular occurrence, one girl took her girlfriend the other took one of her closest friends and even though my catholic school still isn't fully accepting allowing female partners to a school ball seems like a big step especially since my school encourages traditional values.
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    I'm a lesbian...I don't normally post that on threads and use gender-neutral pronouns when talking about my fiancee just to avoid hate and arguments but since there's a post specifically for this, I might as well post! Very much love for all the support <3
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    I am bisexual. I'm out to my family, but unfortunately when you are bi people seem to think that you're straight even when they know that or they forget. Is that normal? I haven't told many people about my current gf partially because of that and we've been together for almost a year. Sigh.
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    Dammit,accidental double post,sorry.
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