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    She can name the dog Annie. You can't claim dibs on a name that you may never use. To be irritated about it is unnecessarily dramatic.
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    Quote Originally Posted by finch View Post
    I have to agree with this. It's a popular name for both species. I have a dog named Annie as well. You shouldn't attempt to dictate what another person calls their pet, child, etc. because it doesn't fit with your plans to give your child that name. That said, regardless of what other people use or think name your child what you love.
    I'm not suggesting that nobody calls their dog Annie, or denying that some do. I'm just saying, if she's a good friend, and she's unattached to the name, it'd be a nice gesture for her to pick something else. I would certainly do so if my friend objected to a name I was considering for a pet.

    As an aside, I know names are very meaningful to some people (presumably all of us here!) but my friend isn't one of them. I named her first dog!

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    I know at least seven cats and three dogs with my name, or a nickname version of my name. I've never seen a problem with it. Some people like to give "people" names to their pets.

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    My in-laws called their cat the name my husband and I have loved separately since we were both small. Obviously I didn't say anything at the time as it was 7 years ago and we are only getting round to naming actual children now. More annoyingly recently they named their dog the name I wanted for a girl, Tilly, I thought about it hard and told them before they got the dog. They laughed and called her Tilly anyway. Since announcing our pregnancy they have mentioned it I think they are somewhere between thinking it's funny and feeling a little bit bad. I'm hopeful that by the time we have a third the dog will be old and maybe we'll use it anyway (probably as a nickname for Ottilie so I hope we could use a different nickname until the dog was gone.However I defiantly love the name less since it's been used on a dog that I see almost daily.
    All I'd say is it's a friends dog you wont see it a lot, if you already said something and she did nothing you're going to have to ignore it and decide how much you love the name whether it will outweigh the inconvenience of her choice.
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    Yeah, you can't reserve a name, especially for a baby that doesn't exist yet. When your girl-Ben comes along, you may just stick with Annabel. I wouldn't care too much at this point in time.

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