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Thread: Elisha?

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    Is the name Elisha pronounced 'ee-lie-sha' or 'ee-lee-sha'? And do you like this name for a boy?

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    For a boy the pronunciation is ee-lie-sha. I think I actually prefer it over Elijah which seems to be more common.
    Elisha is a great name with Biblical history, unfortunately I have heard girls with this name and that makes me dislike it.
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    ee-lie-sha. And it is a fantastic boy's name! Elisha is one of my all time favourite Biblical boy names! I know some people are using it for girls and pronoucing it ee-lee-sha (why not use Alicia/Alysha/Alisha), and that drives me crazy. Elisha is a handsome, strong BOYS name, and has such a remarkable Bible story.
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    It's a nice name but I would definitely think it was a girl

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    One female B-level celebrity shouldn't eliminate thousands of years of history for this MALE Biblical name especially one who doesn't pronounce the name correctly. The name is "ee-LIE-shah" and it's one of my favourite "Eli" names. If Elijah, Noah, Jonah, Ezra, Asa and Joshua are acceptable for males then why isn't Elisha? I don't get the the double standard that it's fine for girls to have traditional boys names but God forbid that a boy have the same name as a girl because he'll have cooties and be scarred for life. I'm quite surprised that I hear that same lame argument even here on Nameberry. This website has a reputation for having intelligent, well-informed, thoughtful and progressive discussions regarding baby naming as well as other subjects. I'm disappointed that some Berries are encouraging the double standard.

    @oliviat - if you love Elisha for a boy, then I would strongly encourage you to choose it. It's a wonderful name of depth and history.
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