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    Bee / Bea / Beatrix / Beatrice- My mum's bio mother, so that wouldn't go down well.

    Annabelle- My mum's name. Maybe for a middle.

    Andrew- Dad's name. Again, maybe for a middle.

    Gerald- I love this name, and think of Gerald Durrell of My Family and Other Animals, but I just can't see myself using it, if I'm honest. I don't think it would suit my kid.

    Seraphim- Only for a middle. I love it, and would have no problem with using it, but I just can't see it fitting my child, especially with our painfully ordinary last name: it could look really try hard.

    Jonathan- I just think of Jonathan Harker of Dracula, and I never liked him much.

    Enoch- I love love love it. I just can't see myself saying: 'Enoch! Dinner's ready!', 'Enoch, hurry up, you'll be late.', 'Enoch, I'm so proud of you.', etc.

    Absalom- I love it, I just can't see it on my child.

    Ophelia- Gorgeous, but I just think of THE Ophelia from Hamlet every time I say it. It doesn't help that John Everett Millais' painting 'Ophelia' is one of my favourites.

    Venetia- I think it is really pretty, but Venetian biscuits are my dad's favourite and he constantly teases me when I come over, that I would be naming me after a biscuit. This is the man who wanted to name me Bear before I was born, before that was even considered a name for anyone but a dog... or a bear.

    Thisbe- I just can't see myself with a Thisbe. I don't think she is the best namesake either- not terrible, but I can think of better.

    Agnes- My last name ends with a similar sound, and it sounds a bit silly. The same thing with Artemis and Persis.

    Othello- Great name, but Othello did murder his wife.
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    Poppy: DH calls his pseudo-father "Pops" and this is just too close and would most likely be considered an honor name, which I don't want to do in Pops' case. Moral of the story... don't work for family

    Astrid: love the meaning, think its beautiful. But DH says a$$-turd. So that's out.

    Asher: love this for a middle for a boy, but my name is Ashley and I already plan on passing my middle name down to a future daughter, so I feel like using a play on my first name as well would be a little vain.

    Magnolia: when I suggested this name DH looked at me like I was crazy, it also would not go over well with our family.

    Lola: her name was Lola, she was a showgirl...

    Seraphine: a fantastic name used in my family tree approx. 200 years ago. But I fear she would be called Sera, and Sarah is DH's half-sister's name.

    Aiobheann: if only we lived in Ireland...

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    Ash - This was my top boys name until I got married and my surname now contains 'ash'
    Ophelie - I love this but think it's too 'exotic' for husbands taste.
    William - Just too overdone.
    Malcolm - Had my heart broken by a Malcolm so ruined that one for me.
    Philippa - Love the nn Philly. Just can't see it being used.
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    Because they're super popular:
    Sophia/Sofia, Olivia, Isabella, Ava, Aubrey

    Because of pronunciation:
    Caoilainn (kay-lynn), Aibhlinn (ave-leen), Niamh (nee-iv), Ani (ahn-nee)

    Because they wouldn't age well:
    Everleigh, Cambrie, Piper, Analeigh, Kenley

    Not expecting any time soon, just collecting for the future!

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