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    Probably for me those ruled out by my husband
    Rafferty and Cecily which I love
    And those that sound bad with our surname
    Bartholemew (our surname is like Simpsons)!
    C.D. (22/10/14)
    P.E. (13/01/17)

    Girls - (Araminta, Cecily, Cordelia, Daisy, Mirabelle, Pomeline, Octavia, Ottilie, Vivienne, Xanthe,)

    Boys - (Anatole, Augustus, Bartholomew, Casper, Clement, Cornelius, Erastus, Ferris, Ludovic, Maurice, Rafferty, Zephyr)

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    I absolutely adore Beatrice / Beatrix but everyone I know can't pronounce it correctly and that would forever annoy me so I can't use it.
    I pronounce it Be-ah-trice / Be-ah-trix
    Everyone else I know pronounces it's beat-rice / beat - rix.
    for every dark night, there is a brighter day

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    I would say 90% of the names I love would never make an ACTUAL short list of baby names. So, way too many to list. The ones that come to mind immediately are Gertrude, Persephone, Atalanta, Isabella, Oceane, Afton, Hannah, Christiana, Belle, Seraphina... for various reasons.
    Lilibeth Pearl - Odette Lysandra - Allegra Snow - Zinnia Ophélie - Hera Magdalen
    Emery Lawrence - Viggo Augusten - Johan Irving - Anders Maël - Jules Quincy - Magnus Luther

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    When I was pg last year, I loved the name Emmanuella for a girl. I didn't want to shorten it and at 5 syllables it was just too much of a mouthful.
    We also like Kormak for a boy (DH's family has a tradition of using names that start with K, so Cormac wouldn't have worked). We looked it up and it is a legit spelling, but it just looked too kre8ive for our tastes.
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    I love about 714 million names, and can only see myself using about 8. So... I'll just stick with some serious loves.

    Alyssa, Amelia, Annabel, Bridget, Brooke, Evie, Fiona, Hadley, Laura, Lucie, Maeve, Noelle, Sadie, Valerie, Vera, & Wendy

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