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    Congratulations! This is an exciting time for you, but I can see how it can be overwhelming. I think taking a short list to the hospital is a good idea; that way you can look at your new daughter and say, "She looks just like a Phoebe, or a Rose!"
    For what it's worth, Phoebe and Rose are beautiful names, and you can't go wrong with either one.
    I have one more suggestion - how about sort of combining Rose and Phoebe, and going with Rosalie?
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    It was a painful process with my daughter. I wanted Anne, which is my favorite name. But, it was his grandmothers name and there was some bad history there. My middle name is Ann, so that was now going to be the middle name. Then, the painful part started. I love lots of names, but he finds problems with everything. He vetoed all my favorites. Then all my next favorites. Then I just started tossing out names I liked. Finally, I mentioned Clara, and he was instantly in love. Once he heard it he wouldn't even discuss other names. So, my little girl is Clara and I love her name! I'm glad he vetoed a couple I loved.

    My son was much easier. We picked it before we decided to have kids!

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    Oh, and I love Phoebe and Rose!

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    jakki -you're absolutely right- no child is perfect, indeed we love them more for their quirks. I think perhaps because it has been a long time my tastes have changed. A name I'd choose now is very different to a name I would have chosen before. Names I loved are now 'dated' so off the list for a modern day Miss. I really hope she loves her name, because it will be well thought out and lovingly chosen.

    kyemsma Thanks for your congratulations, it is exciting. "how about sort of combining Rose and Phoebe, and going with Rosalie?" I have debated this as an option many times, not 100% sure I get over the Twilight link though. I have considered Rosaline instead.

    boyandgirl I wish I could just suggest a name and have him say he loved it like you did with Clara. That's a gorgeous name (not with my LN though sadly). DS- his name was picked before I had him. DD#1- her name was changed last minute after birth to the name I'd always wanted... Actually DD#2 see story for DD #1! I went with 5 or so names into hospital and she came home with a name that wasn't even on my list. Glad you liked Phoebe and Rose, thanks.

    Any more naming stories to help inspire me and help me find my way out of this 'lost world' of naming?
    Phoebe Eliza Grace arrived after 2 Years of IVF

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    Congratulations! I hope the rest of the pregnancy goes well, and the birth is easy.

    I think it's wonderful your husband is letting you have free reign. I had to use the pregnancy card when our second child was due As for the older kids having opinions - they will have their own children to name. This is your baby, and your last, so it's important that you name her.

    Have you thought about calling her Phoebe Rose? That way you get to use both of your favorites.

    Mom to Jessica Alexandra and Jemima Natalie

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