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    So, today has begun in a very big way for me. With a grand total of 157,207 words, 27 chapters, a prologue and an epilogue, the first draft of 'The Self Invention' was finally finished at exactly midnight after one year, five months and twenty five days.

    You'll be pleased to know that I didn't explode.

    TSI is the first lengthy piece I've written that I'd seriously consider trying to get published at some point and I'm a little bit proud of it; as proud as an English person is allowed to be about their own work

    Anyway, in order not to start a thread in which I merely toot my own horn* I thought I'd get everyone to post something that made them feel good about themselves. Berries, what are your recent accomplishments? Big or small, it doesn't matter. If it had a positive impact on you, share it

    P.S Those reading TSI can expect the final chapters within a week.

    *See the aforementioned English pride guilt.
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    Congratulations, renrose!
    A month ago I finished re-writing the longest story I've ever done, a romantic comedy called A Good Beginning Makes a Good Ending. Now I'm working on another one (called I Fell in Love with Melancholy; the title is a line from an Edgar Allan Poe poem) and wrote a lot yesterday, which made me feel very self-satisfied!
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    That's fantastic. I haven't had any notable accomplishments lately but I wanted to say congratulations!

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    I think mine was probably cleaning my room from top to bottom just now, I've never, ever EVER been an organised or tidy person, but now I'm gradually getting my life sorted before I'm off to college in 2015

    In all seriousness though, my proudest accomplishment happened when I was 17 and working at a school for the visually impaired as part of my high school courses (bit like a work experience placement). In the grade 2/3 class I was in, the one little girl, Emma, was sort of 'helped' throughout elementary school, and had only just completed the required medical testing to enter the school. When she got there, because she was not only visually impaired, but also delayed in her learning, Emma could not read, write, count objects, or spell her name. The classroom teacher made it like, my project, to help Emma spell/recognise her name. I started in the middle of September, when the only letter she knew was E, and when I left in January, she was spelling her name to me, and on my last day, she wrote her name down on the Goodbye picture/card she had made me. I actually started to cry, I felt so good after that!

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    Congratulations! You must be so happy that's it all done and dusted!

    I've not really had many accomplishments recently. Does not burning dinner tonight count? greatest accomplishment in my life so far was last year when my students got their exam results and when my students learn something or figure something out, there is nothing better as a teacher than seeing your students thrive!
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