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    Your current top 10 with feedback

    Give feedback on the previous posters top names then list your own.


    Previous Post:

    Juliet Degas
    Landry Kay
    Christina Marie
    Alden Louise
    Adina Aurora

    Aidan Matthew
    Fredric Daniel
    Andrew Zachary
    Wesley Zane
    Anthony Grey

    My Post:

    Juliet Degas ~ Interesting combo
    Landry Kay ~ dislike
    Christina Marie ~ like, very classic
    Alden Louise ~ I like the way they sound together but am not sure about the name "Alden"
    Adina Aurora ~ not sure if the names fit together, but I love each individually


    My names:

    Eloise ??? (middle help?)
    Winter Noelle
    Avonlea Rose
    Audrey Esoré
    Everly Grace

    Xavier Kent
    Landon Miller
    Kellen Alexander
    Roman December (Dec)
    Tristan Beckett
    If you have a moment would you consider taking a look at my name list?:

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    Eloise ??? - I love Eloise! I think it's beautiful. The only middle name that comes to mind at the moment is Corrine.

    Winter Noelle- I love Noelle! Winter I'm not so keen on, although the posibility of Winnie adds to it's appeal. If I can take a suggestion from your signature, I think Honor Noelle would be nicer

    Avonlea Rose- I can't say I've ever heard the name Avonlea before and I can't quite decide how I feel about it. It's not really the kind of name I'd usually go for but it's definitely got an appealing sound. As for Rose, it's perhaps slightly overused as a middle name but it is pretty and I think the classic middle is a good match for the more unusual Avonlea

    Audrey Esoré- Audrey's really grown on me recently. I used to only associate it with an old lady on a British soap opera but I've met some lovely much younger people with the name and I've begunto appreciate it's nice sound more. Esoré is another name I've not heard of before but I like it and I think it goes well with Audrey

    Everly Grace- I prefer Evelyn really but Everly is quite nice. Grace, like Rose, is a little overused in the middle but it's pretty*

    Xavier Kent- I like Xavier but I've heard Kent so much as a place that I find it hard to think of it as a name for a person

    Landon Miller- This is probably the only one of your names that I don't like at all. Neither of the names appeal to me in the slightest

    Kellen Alexander- Alexander I love and Kellan is nice as well. I might swap the names around, but it is a very fine sounding name

    Roman December (Dec)- Roman is lovely, although I prefer Ronan, but I'm not keen on December at all. If you want Dec as a nickname, would you consider Declan?

    Tristan Beckett- I love Tristan Beckett! I think the names sound wonderful together

    You have some great names! My favourites are Tristan and Eloise

    My top ten names:
    Myrna Beatrix Blythe
    Nora Katharina Bonnie
    Mathilda Esmée Ziva "Hildy"
    Laura Cecelia Greer
    Rosalie Frances Lux "Sally"
    Rosemarie Emmeline Niamh "Romy/Roe"
    Amelia Lucille Claudette "Millie"
    Virginia Sigrid Isla "Ginny"
    Rosalind Eira Marguerite "Lindy"

    Richard Joshua "RJ/Ricky"
    Robert Joshua "RJ/Rob"
    William Horatio "Liam"
    Henry Oliver/August
    Isaiah David "Zy"
    Anthony Clement "Tony"
    Oscar Godfrey "Oz"
    Leopold Axel "Leo"
    James Alaric
    Edward Oisín "Ned"
    I'm Annie. Not currently TTC, just getting a headstart on trying to combine four cultures and two families into beautiful names!

    My future daughters: Myrna Pamela, Beatrix Órlaith "Betty", Rosemarie Saoirse "Romy", Mathilda Róisín "Hildy", Constance Dearbhla "Connie", Margaretha Méabh "Greta", Susanna Aoibhínn "Zuzu", Dorothy Maureen "Dottie"

    My future sons: Léopold Mervyn "Léo", Édouard Horatio "Ned", Dashiell Colm "Dash", Augustin/Gustave Cary "Gus", Arthur/Ardal Clément "Ari"

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    Eloise- Not my favorite name. Reminds me of the girl in the hotel. Maybe Eloise Maeve or Eloise Wren?
    Winter Noelle- I used to really like this name. I've grown out of it, but Winter is still a very pretty name
    Avonlea Rose- Not positive on the pronunciation of Avonlea
    Audrey Esoré- Not sure how to say the middle name, but I love Audrey!
    Everly Grace- Everly is too trendy for me

    Xavier Kent- Not my favorite, but a nice refresher from Jacob
    Landon Miller- I love this name because it reminds me of my friend (it's her favorite boys' name)
    Kellen Alexander- Very strong and masuline
    Roman December (Dec)- I prefer Ronan
    Tristan Beckett- I don't like Tristan for personal reasons (two kids in my eighth grade class, one punched in two lockers, the other licked some blinds. Don't even ask)

    Adalyn Faith
    Lila Romilly
    Leonor Evangeline
    Maeve Tallulah
    Sadie Caroline

    Carter James
    Jasper James
    Torin Matthias
    Archer Murray
    Nolan Christopher
    Abby | 18 | Dancer | Writer
    My loves...
    Sabrina Auli’i, Maeve Liliana, & Iris Michaela
    Cassian Micah, Torin Elliot, & Leo Matthias

    Theme of the week: Names I can’t use
    Arden Elysia, Eliora Jane, Coraline Hazel, & Ezra Caspian


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    KC => SC
    Since I posted at the same time you did, annielouise:

    Myrna Beatrix Blythe- I like Myrna. It's uncommon but easy to pronounce
    Nora Katharina Bonnie- I don't mind this name. I think I might like it if Nora wasn't already unusable for me
    Mathilda Esmée Ziva "Hildy"- I like Matilda, but not Hildy.
    Laura Cecelia Greer- Laura seems a little plain to me, I grew up with Laurens
    Rosalie Frances Lux "Sally"- I LOVE Rosalie but hate Sally. Sally is the generic female name (an "example" name)
    Rosemarie Emmeline Niamh "Romy/Roe"- Love Romy! Rosemarie is pretty
    Amelia Lucille Claudette "Millie"- I've never liked the sound of Amelia, it always reminds me of the children's character, Amelia Bedelia (weird, since I'm from Kansas. I should think of Amelia Earhart). Millie makes me think of a mill which makes me think of a maid.
    Virginia Sigrid Isla "Ginny"- Nice refreshing name, but I see too much teasing to use it
    Rosalind Eira Marguerite "Lindy"- Love every part of this

    Richard Joshua "RJ/Ricky"- Nice classic name. Just hope the kids in his class don't realize Dick is a nickname for Richard
    Robert Joshua "RJ/Rob"- This is a family name for me... so I only think of old men when I hear this. RJ is a good nickname though
    William Horatio "Liam"- Love Liam
    Henry Oliver/August- I've never liked Henry for some reason
    Isaiah David "Zy"- LOVE!
    Anthony Clement "Tony"- I like Tony
    Oscar Godfrey "Oz"- Oscar used to be only a grouch's name for me, but I'm growing away from that connection
    Leopold Axel "Leo"- Very handome
    James Alaric- James is another family name. I love it for a middle. I love Jamie as a nickname!
    Edward Oisín "Ned"- Too "Twilight" for me
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    Abby | 18 | Dancer | Writer
    My loves...
    Sabrina Auli’i, Maeve Liliana, & Iris Michaela
    Cassian Micah, Torin Elliot, & Leo Matthias

    Theme of the week: Names I can’t use
    Arden Elysia, Eliora Jane, Coraline Hazel, & Ezra Caspian


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    Adalyn Faith - I like Adalyn, though I feel as it's a bit modern as in two names mashed together but thats just my opinion. I like Ada and Lyn but not together so much. Faith feels a little washed out to me.
    Lila Romilly - I'm a big fan of both and together they're so melodic 10/10
    Leonor Evangeline - I prefer Leonora better, but Leonor has a certain spunk, specially with the nickname Nor. Evangeline seems a bit too long for it though, maybe Angelica or Angelina would suffice.
    Maeve Tallulah - I love Maeve! It's so beautiful and soft, and the sassy Tallulah balances it out, a great combo.
    Sadie Caroline - Meh. I'm getting a lot of cow girl vibes from this one, but that may just be me. I like Mercedes better with the nickname Sadie and maybe Carolina or Cora as the middle.

    Carter James - When I think of Carter I see a cute nerdy boy reading in a library, I like it. James adds a bad boy feel to it though, making it less nerdy and more trendy.
    Jasper James - I personally don't like Jasper anymore; I think Twilight sunk that ship for me, and I'm not really a fan of the double J's.
    Torin Matthias - This name is okay, I think Torin is a bit feminine but Matthias makes it a bit more manly.
    Archer Murray - Meh, this just isn't my style but I can see what your going for, Archer is just a bit too "rogue" for me.
    Nolan Christopher - My fave out of the boys names; it's stylish and classic, plus, Nolan is a sweet boy next door name

    Hazel Anais
    Dorothea Tamsin
    Genevieve Fenn
    Harriet Maeve
    Alice Bryony

    Connor James
    Sebastian George
    Sullivan Frederick
    Miles Clare
    Harley Graeme

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