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    Hazel Anais: I love Hazel with a passion, but Anais is too much like another word...making it not so lovely.

    Dorothea Tamsin: I like Thea, but Dorothea sounds old to me, as it's too similar to Dorothy...which also sounds old to me. Tamsin leaves no impression on me, good or bad. It's just sort of there.

    Genevieve Fenn: I really dislike Genevieve. It sounds so weak, and quiet. Fenn sounds good with Genevieve, but I don't see it anywhere else.

    Harriet Maeve: Two vintage-y names I don't like.

    Alice Bryony: Two vintage-y names I LOVE. Especially Bryony. The double y is adorable.

    Connor James: I like both names, but I prefer Colin over Connor. I feel like Connor is a bit over used. James is nice and classic though.

    Sebastian George: I love both of these names! I've loved Sebastian ever since I recognized it was a good way to get to the nn Baz, and George is so cute to me since little Prince George.

    Sullivan Frederick: Together, the two names are a bit long.

    Miles Clare: I like Miles, but Clare is a girls name to me. I feel like Frederick would be a good middle for the shorter Miles.

    Harley Graeme: I like the Harley/Hadley/Hartley names for girls, although they are unisex and I do like them.

    Oona Dakota
    Philippa Felicity
    Aurelia Hazel
    Evanna Jade
    Luciana Aurelia

    Cruz Samuel
    Henry Bear
    Ronan Tarquin
    Colin Leo
    Brighton Edward

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    Previous Post:

    Oona Dakota- I really like Oona, I think its unique and mysterious but still accessible. I think I'd pair it with a middle name that had a different end sound, but Dakota is a nice stand alone name too.
    Philippa Felicity- I really like Felicity, although I think you have too much alliteration going on with Phillipa.
    Aurelia Hazel- my favorite on your list
    Evanna Jade- Really interesting sounding name. I never would have thought of the combination, but I really like it.
    Luciana Aurelia- I like both of these names a lot on their own, but together I think its a bit awkward. I tend not to like middle names that start with the same sound that the fn ends with though, but that might just be my personal preference.

    Cruz Samuel- I think I would like this name better in reverse order, but they're both good names.
    Henry Bear- I don't like Bear, I think it sounds a little too childish to give to someone and would be difficult to age with.
    Ronan Tarquin- I like Ronan a lot, but again I think that you have to much alliteration with Tarquin as a mn.
    Colin Leo- I like both names.
    Brighton Edward- Brighton to me instantly makes me think of the brand, but if that's not something that happens with you I think its a cool surname as a first name/ place name!

    My Lists:


    Anneliese Corrine
    Lorelei Grace
    Charlotte Amelie
    Cora Elizabeth
    Adelina Grace

    Aidan Scott
    Liam Nicholas
    Alexander Declan
    Breton Alexander
    Nicholas James

    let me know what you think!

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    Anneliese Corrine - love Anneliese! But not sure how to pronounce Corrine and so this tinges my opinion of the name. I think Anneliese deserves a prettier middle name.
    Lorelei Grace - Lorelei is okay but a bit tongue-twisty, I would prefer Lilou, Lilani etc. I'm bored and tired of Grace in the middle name spot.
    Charlotte Amelie - Charlotte has never been my cup of tea and I dislike all of the nicknames. Amelie is cute and I do like it, would prefer this combo switched.
    Cora Elizabeth - my favourite of the girls! Cora is sweet and unusual, Elizabeth is a classic fav.
    Adelina Grace - I prefer other "Ad-" names such as Addison or Adelaide. Again, bored of Grace.

    Aidan Scott - Aidan is growing on me slowly but I don't love it. Scott I do like however, I think the flow is good here but would prefer it switched around.
    Liam Nicholas - I have always disliked both of these names so together this is like my name horror.
    Alexander Declan - my favourite of the boys. Alexander is great but I only really like it with the nickname Lex. Declan is nice.
    Breton Alexander - Breton is unusual, I'm not sure if I like it, the classic Alexander offsets it but I'd still prefer Alexander up front.
    Nicholas James - My opinion on Nicholas has been stated quite clearly, James is beautiful and lovely, I really like it.


    My Top Ten...

    Tobias Henry
    Sebastian Drew
    Jeremy Arthur
    Atticus James
    Phoenix Herbert

    Rose Eleanor
    Alexandra Mary
    Adelaide Nicola
    Luna Vivienne
    Margot Barbara

    (All middle names with the exception of Arthur are family significant.)
    Britberry * Trainee Teacher
    Octavia ~ James-Joseph~ Sapphire~ Clark

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    Anneliese Corrine - Anneliese is great, I'm not a fan of Corinne but they work well together
    Lorelei Grace - lovely combo
    Charlotte Amelie - very lovely
    Cora Elizabeth - don't like Cora but Elizabeth is nice
    Adelina Grace - -leena or -lyna?

    Aidan Scott - not a fan of either name
    Liam Nicholas - great combo even though I'm getting tired of Liam
    Alexander Declan - never been a big Alexander fan but the combo works
    Breton Alexander - Breton sounds too much like Britan for me
    Nicholas James - my favourite, I really like Nicholas and James is great too

    I'm not sure about middle names right now, so I'll just go with:

    Elliott Nepomuk Arthur
    Theo Frederick

    Leonor Ida Penelope
    Viola (vee-O-la)

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    Elliott Nepomuk Arthur: I like Elliott well enough, and I'm assuming there is a personal connection to Nepomuk, so even though I don't like it I think it's fine, and I love Arthur. The name flows pretty well, too.

    Theo Frederick: I don't like Theo as a stand alone name. Frederick is nice, and they sound good together, though.
    August: It's okay. It doesn't really do anything for me.
    Caspar: I love this name, but prefer the spelling Casper.
    Bennett: It's okay. I guess if you want the nickname Ben this is a better way to get it than Benjamin, but it just isn't my style.

    Ophelia: Very pretty, I love the O initial.

    Leonor Ida Penelope: Gorgeous combo. It's strong and feminine, with a touch of whimsy. I love it.

    Rosalie: It's a nice name, I like the nickname Rose.

    Viola: Very nice name. Personally I had it on my list for a long time.

    Elvira: I like it a lot, so unique and pretty.

    Heres mine:
    Wesley Troy
    Malcolm Daniel
    Alistair Knox
    Gregory March
    Milo Bartholomew

    Philippa Jane
    Sybil Angelou
    Rosemary Malala
    Henrietta Poet
    Margot Plum
    Not expecting, I just love names <3
    Vote on my namelist?

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