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    @Dearest: Ya' know, sometimes I think it'd would have been nice to be a very decisive person. But then if I was, I don't think I would change. That worries me. I don't want to be the same day after day and year after year. I only get one shot at this whole life thing. I want to experience all of the tones and variations. For me to have to choose is near anxiety inducing at times.

    I've recently come to the point where above all I want to choose something that allows me to do the most good. And, well, have lots of options in the future, especially regarding location.

    I do love your name! Not many people will compliment a name that's familiar to them. Outside of that demographic the name is new and exotic to a lot of people. I'm glad to have given you a compliment that makes you happy!

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    wherever I can make it
    Hi everyone, my name is Natalie and I'm eighteen. A senior in high school and very excited for the upcoming school year because that means I'll be graduating (after failing tenth grade for being with the "cool kids" (ie parting too much) which I guess explains my ESFP personality, but not a good enough reason I know, I made it up though, after my mistake I learned my lesson and have been making honors since). I'm actually kinda glad I went through that phase because before I was just "average" never really took interest in school but after I went "bad" and realized how stupid I've become I decided to change for the better and it's showing.

    I live in New Hampshire, a small state compared to the bigger states in america, very picturesque, a lot of woods, lakes, rivers, granite, long roads, beautiful seasons, but everything is an hour away, the beach is an hour away, Boston is an hour away, and frankly I find it boring. If you aren't into hunting, fishing, and being outdoorsy, this is not the place for you, every since I moved here, I've felt out of place. The only thing that makes it up is the seasons (that fact that you can see every season is beautiful), my friends, and music. Before I was listening to what I call "basic music" or "radio music" not really having a favorite band or singer, just listening to the radio. But here I discovered my sense of style in music and I'm so glad I did. My friends call it "hollister music" it's mostly rock, alternative, indie, dance, r&b type of music. My favorites are Haim, Puddle of Mudd, Ellie Goulding, Ghost Loft, Cecile Corbel (French singer), BANKS, Belinda, Enrique Iglesias, alt-j, the 1975, Lana del Rey, Deptford Goth, and many in between (anyone like EDM? (Ta-Ku? M83?) I love this type of music but not the drugged up scene). I'm starting to listen to Kate Bush because of Wuthering Heights, she sounds amazing (plus it doesn't hurt that I like the book).

    Keeping up with my ESFP, I love the arts, I'm very fashion forward (I'm constantly styling, doing hair and makeup for family and friends, and at this point my closet can no longer fit items) and have been a member of NAHS in school for three years now and I want to be the president, but who knows. I'm really good with graphic design (and photography), though my work is more based on dogs (the graphic design that it). I love dogs, my love for them is sometimes on borderline obsessive.

    My step grandfather is dog breeder, I saw my first dog show when I was ten on tv and I knew I wanted to be in that crowd. I would like to show and breed english cockers spaniel in the near future but at the moment it's not conviant. See, my family and I moving to Florida this summer and then I'll be going to college when I graduate. So I won't have the time, but when I do! I'll be making phone calls to my favorite breeders!

    I want to go to college somewhere in the east coast (maybe New York?) because I don't like none of the colleges in Florida and major in Animal Science or Art (I haven't decided on Photography, Art History, or Graphic Design). I love watching black and white movies with my mom (we adore "I Love Lucy" too) and just tv in general. I'm a crazy fan girl for Teen Wolf and Adventure Time. I love a lot of the cult movies, Cry-Baby, Labyrinth, and V for Vendetta confused the living daylights of out me. I just don't know why. Historical movies like Marie Antoinette and The Duchess. I'm really interested in history, the 18th century, more spefically the royal houses of Europe. That whole lifetime fascinates me not because of the glam of it but because during that time a lot of the houses/people fell out of power. My favorite writer is John Green, I relate so much to his books, they sometimes scare me.

    But my ultimate favorite book is Little Women. My father left me this book to read when I could before he passed away of cancer when I was three. That is why I want to name my first born son, Demi, it's a character in the book. It's a way to honor my father. I'm biracial, dad is African American and my mother is Dominican and French.

    I've lived in the Dominican Republic (I was born in St. Croix) for more than half of my childhood life and I do speak Spanish. I can understand French just a bit, I've lost it completely. I only have one other "blood" sister and many half siblings, four on my fathers side (which I'm not close to, heck last time I saw them was at the funeral) and three on my mothers side (which I'm close to, I live with them!) and I can say that I'm very happy my family can afford to travel, we have visited almost very country in the Carribbean, South/Central America, expect for Brazil.

    I guess that has given me a passion for traveling and meeting people from different cultures. I'm very bold, and it shows in my naming style (though I only posted my normal favorites in my sig, I have many more names that would be a "no no" on here but I don't care).

    My love for names started actually in my dreams, I keeping dreaming of having babies and in each dream it was a different child with a different name. So I started researching those names and I fell in love. So far, I have suggested three names that ended up being used! How great is that! Very proud.

    Anyway I'm going to stop, sorry that's it's really long, I talk a lot, okay, anyone here play
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    About Me!

    Loved Fiona's response! You seem like such a cute little gal! Trying to find some friends interested in writing, and just enjoying life to the fullest. Just moved to a new town (Jamestown ND, not the Virginia one I wish I could have a baby just for the sake of naming it!!! A little girl of course, but a boy would be just fine too. I guess I have just always pictured myself raising a girl. Anyway, I love TV and netflix, and I love to cook.

    Would love to exchange some recipes if anyone is interested! I have a box full of family secrets

    Anyway, feel free to PM me if anything I just said interests you!

    (manneniah is NOT my real name, bythe way, just used it for web security!)

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    @ Tali: ENFJ and ENTJ are quite different, so it's interesting that you've gotten both. The ENFJ's dominant function is extroverted feeling, which means you thrive off of connecting with others, always consider the feelings and values of the people around you, adjust to and accommodate the needs of the people around you, etc. The ENTJ's dominant function is extroverted thinking, which means you're someone who is very logical and systematic and always looking for ways to make things more efficient and structured.

    (I really enjoy the MBTI typing.)
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    My name is Emily, and I'm turning 26 in just a couple weeks. I was born and raised in New Hampshire, but my husband serves in the Navy, so I'm currently living in Virginia. Since we're all talking about MBTI types, I am an ISFP which I don't think I've seen many of here. Represent! Haha. Apparently I'm supposed to be really great at art, but I am not. However, I really enjoy cooking and baking which would fall under the category of creating and subsequently destroying my creation (get in my belly). My other hobbies include reading, which is my absolute favorite thing to do, taking walks, studying languages (someday I would like to actually apply myself and become bilingual), and I also enjoy writing. Unfortunately, I can't ever seem to grasp a good idea to write about so most of the time I just stare at a blank document. It's awesome. I also LOVE animals. In a nutshell, I love to try new things but it's hard for me to actually stick with them (see: exercising).

    I met my husband in the 10th grade and probably would have cried in horror if someone told me he was the guy I was going to marry. Thankfully, we resolved our differences and started dating halfway through our senior year and straight on through his post-grad year and 4 years of military college. We were married in June 2011 and are now expecting our first baby, a little boy! I am so excited to meet him this October (or September, if he so pleases).

    Someday I would like to attempt getting some formal schooling. I started working directly after high school since I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life (still don't), so I figured I wouldn't waste thousands of dollars and/or go into debt getting a degree in something that I wasn't sure I really wanted or not. I'm still hesitant, because I don't really thrive in a classroom setting. Until then, I am happy to learn by experience, reading, and singular classes here and there. Maybe that's all I will ever do, and that's okay.

    As for my pop culture stuff, my favorite books are Jane Eyre, The Count of Monte Cristo, and The Lord of the Rings trilogy. I mostly prefer to read classics or fantasy, but if a book catches my interest I will read it despite the genre. My favorite movies are, as a whole, mostly Disney animated features. I love them. I also love Sense & Sensibility with Emma Thompson and Kate Winslet, You've Got Mail, The Princess Bride, and most of the Marvel movies. I try to keep an open mind with music, but I definitely favor alternative and indie rock. My favorite bands/singers include Anberlin, Bastille, Mumford & Sons, Florence + The Machine, Muse, and some more popular stuff like Maroon 5 and Jack Johnson. We don't have cable, so I don't watch much TV. However, thanks to Netflix, I am seriously obsessed with The Office (US) - I am on my third or fourth re-watch through the entire series. I also like Parks & Recreation, 30 Rock, and Sherlock (one of these things is not like the other...) My husband loves The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad, but I just can't get into them even for trying.

    Additional random fact: my username is a smoosh of my birth month (July) and my favorite flower, lilacs.

    That's about all I've got.
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