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    Let's get to know each other!

    I've realised that even though many other Berries know each other a little bit but I know very little about some of you being relatively new to this site, so I thought it was worth maybe setting up a special post to help me get to know some of you but also vice versa and maybe help other Berries who like me might not know a lot about others.

    About me:
    My name is Molly and I'm 24 going on 25 next month and I'm expecting my first baby with husband Simon in August! I'm a high school French teacher and I have a joint degree in French and Italian and I love languages! I have one big sister, Marilyn, and she has two beautiful little girls, Minnie and Mitzi. My mum is English and my dad was Irish so I'm half English and half Irish.

    I like cooking (although I'm not very good at it, Simon is the cook), I love my job and I'm very sad to be on maternity leave at the moment and I can't wait to get back to work! I like travelling and my husband and I took a three week honeymoon travelling through Italy.

    I adore vintage pieces and it's very hard for me to ignore vintage fairs, charity shops or car boot sales. Our house is filled with mismatched plates and cups - what's the point of having them all the same? I will only drop them - and I don't think anything but electrical appliances and our sofas is new, it's all second hand. I prefer something to have a past, to have some character! I do like vintage pieces for clothes but I'm not totally opposed to new clothes.

    I also collect thing: I collect handbags (new and old), I've been collecting old Latin dictionaries for years I'm not really sure why...they look great on bookshelves though! I also collect lipsticks, red ones in particular.

    So now to you! You can reveal as much or little as you want!

    Can't wait to read some other people's lives!
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    Hi! My name is Fiona and my middle name, Cecile, honors my dad's mother, who was 100% French-Canadian--which makes me Irish and French, with bits of Scottish and Welsh. I'm from a big family, 4 girls (I'm the 3rd) and 4 boys (I'm younger than all of them, darn it). My older sisters are in the Order of Preachers (started by St. Dominic in the 13th century) and my oldest brother is a Dominican friar, as well.

    I'm 13 and I'll be 14 at the end of the summer. I write short stories and poetry and want to write a novel at some point. I love books and I'm rereading Dorothy L. Sayers' The Unpleasantness at the Bellona Club. I like cooking, too! (I'm making dinner tonight, actually--butternut squash and sausages. ) I'm going to a youth camp tomorrow; it's called Militia Immaculata and it was started by St. Maximilian Kolbe.

    Molly, my mum really loves thrift stores and knickknacks and she and I and my younger sister, Maeve, are always on the lookout for mismatched dishes, baskets, and odds and ends. (The key phrase is "not too matchy".) We have a strange history with 2nd- (or 3rd- or 4th-) hand toasters, and practically everything in our house was found on Craigslist or a thrift store.

    So that's about it! Thank you for starting this thread, Molly!
    weird honey

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    I'm so glad you've started this. I've been here for a few years but I've never really gotten to know anyone! I'm formerly @thejollyfinch initially and then @hypatia_anne after my name change. I'd forgotten I had this username and so I'm a bit all over the place but this is it. I am and will now forever be @finch.

    Hi! I'm Hypatia. I recently turned 25. I'm from Central Kentucky. I'm not currently expecting and have had a loss in the past.

    I'm a stockgrower. That means I breed, grow, and sell cattle. It's a family business. I do it, as does my father, and his father before him. I mostly do the paperwork but I sell occasionally as well. I've been taking wedding and engagement photos on the side. It's not a very lucrative hobby. But it's one of my passions.

    I'm thinking about returning to school, with no clear goal in mind. Possibly to become an RN and see if that leads anywhere. I am very interested in the medical field. I find the human body fascinating.

    I spend most of my time with my niece, K. She's nearly two and a half years old. I love that little girl more than life itself and would do anything for her. She spends roughly 4-5 days a week with me. I just call it shared custody. If you ever wonder about my odd hours that would be the explanation. I also have an album of her pictures that is public if you would like to gaze upon Miss K in all of her loveliness.

    I am the eldest of two. I have a younger brother named Joseph. We're not close. He's K's father.

    I'm a minimalist but I love beautiful things. If it's vintage, has a story, or is visually appealing I can find a place for it. As much as I love to cook, bake, grill, etc. I'm awful at it. I can undercook or burn just about anything.

    Regarding personality types I'm an ISFP. I don't see many of those floating around here.

    Music makes me happy! I like Dia Frampton, Mindy Gledhill, Ingrid Michaelson, Alela Diane and a few others along that line.

    Words are my thing. I love to write but I lack imagination at times. I have very vivid dreams which you'd think would help but it doesn't. I've carved a house out of the writers block.

    I also have trouble talking about myself.
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    I like the way you said that, Hypatia! "I've carved a house out of the writers block."
    weird honey

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    Hi all! (I feel like I might have done this "about me" thing before, but here it is again!)

    I am 29 and have one beautiful 4 month old baby boy, Raphael David. I have endometriosis and it took us a few years and a surgery to get pregnant. We are anxiously awaiting our next pregnancy! My husband and I have been married almost 10 years.

    I am a speech-language pathologist and work primarily with early childhood (ages 3-5.) I LOVE my job and am also one who misses going to work when I'm off. I have recently started a private practice and am seeing some therapy clients during the summer, a venture I'm pretty excited about.

    I am an extreme introvert, unless it comes to something I'm tremendously passionate about, (in which case I can talk your ear off!) I enjoy knitting, crochet, and many other crafty endeavors. I strive to find joy in the small, everyday things. Not much makes me happier than sitting on my back porch with my family, sipping coffee and watching birds. I love God and strive to let others see his love through my life.

    Nameberry has been a fun place for me to gather information and ideas. I really enjoy hearing from you all, and it is a pleasure to meet you!
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