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    Help us find an offbeat, unusual name for baby girl!!

    Help! We are having the hardest time settling on a name for our baby girl who is due in about a month. Husband and I both like offbeat, unusual names and tend to like unisex or "boy" names for girls. We have a 3 year old son named, Wylder and our last name rhymes with "cool". My top pick so far is Revel, which the husband doesn't love. His top pick is, Indie, which I think is just ok. We have come up with a list of a few other names that we both like, but are just having a hard time deciding on what is best. Would love any feedback on if any of these names jump out at you, or if you have anything else we should be considering. For middle name, we both agree it will be something very feminine and traditional. The list so far:


    Thanks for your help!!

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    Keep in mind, I too like unusual names but I think my tastes are much more mainstream and not as brave as yours. I too love unisex boyish names on girls, but some of your choices are way too masculine for me. But I'll give you my feedback since you asked .

    Revel-ok, nms
    Indie-I think of "Indie music" when I hear this. It sounds like a word not a name to me. Do you like India, I think that is a very pretty, uncommon name.
    Jett-I know a dog and a little boy with this name.
    Edison-I just think of the scientist/inventor Thomas Edison. What about Emerson, Ellery, or Ellis instead?
    Wednesday- Way too strong of an association with the movie "Adams Family".
    Arlo-ok, sounds too masculine and science fictiony to me.
    Navy-cute, but I know of 3 little girls with this name so I think while it is unusual it is becoming more common.
    Ever-like this a lot.
    Winnie-my fave from your list
    Sawyer-this is a boy name to me, maybe bc my bf named her son this. And Tom Sawyer is a boy.
    Sullivan-Too boy to me. What about Sutton?

    What do you think of Jovi, Larson, Piper, or Willow?

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    Revel- This would fit nicely with Wylder
    Indie- Personally not a big fan, I know so many Indie's, and I am personally not a fan of 'In' names.
    Jett- I like the Joan Jett cool coming from this, as well its slick sound.
    Edison- I LOVE this for a girl- masculine, and it won't sound dated.
    Wednesday- I also love this. The Addam's family connection is positive in my books, it adds a quirky touch to a very lovely name.
    Arlo- Sassy and spunky.
    Navy- I like this, the connotations with the rich, classic colour gives it a staying power other colour names do not have. There is also the NAVY seals association, however you want to take that.
    Ever- Pretty, but bound to misunderstood as Eva.
    Winnie- I love Winnie (it is on my own list), sweet and humble, with a big dollop of Winnie the Pooh charm.
    Sawyer- I also love this on a girl. I'm meh about this on a boy, but I would be really excited to meet a girl named this.
    Sullivan- I love this on a girl so much. It isn't your typical unisex, and the nn's Sully or Van are lovely.

    My favourite choices on your list are: Winnie, Edison, Sullivan and Wednesday.

    Calloway, Vinnie, Gussie, Dominic, Domino, Donovan, Bear, Bram, Frost, Snow, Plum, Dune, Moss, Dove, Noon, Early, Afternoon, Peridot, Delphi, Aphra, Garnet, Dash, Hester, Hestia, Artemis, Apollo, Vesper, Ottilie, Ottoline, Kitty, Thisbe, Pilar, Poe, Forrest / Forest, Bayo, Fisher, Gardener, Agapi, Elke, Nan, Allegro, Callisto, Galilee, Galilea, Galatea, Aura, Elva, Sen, Alma, Alva, Alba, Zelda, Nephele, Freddie, Bede, Van, Vrai, Ferelith, Artio (Celtic goddess), Artis, Mint, Odile, Hesper, Pascale, Mab, Lavender, Quarry, Hart / Heart, Lupe, Inigo, Iggy, Ziggy, Norris, Shepherd, Explorer, Zeus, Mercury, Jupiter, Novel, Novella, Story, Fable, Sonnet, Ryo, Rio, Rez, Paz, Pax, Zen, Amadeo, Bowen, Bohan, Frida, Kahlo, Pablo, Manzu, Cheever, Frederica, Fernande, Fernanda, Magdalena, Madrigal, Roland, Zephyr, Zephyrus, Zephyrine, Ara, Arra, Aza, Cotton, Chaplin, Arledge, Enzo, Milo, Philo, Adlai, Bay, Birch, Booker, Boone, Caspar / Casper, Day, Ivo, Viggo, Ulysses, Hale, Win, Stellan, August, Asa, Dashiell, Claude, Beau, Bodhi, Boaz, Moe, Otto, Bee, Basil.

    Sorry the list is so long- I got carried away. Good luck!
    Camellia Edie, Mercy Annabelle, Elowen Lilac, Vesper Daisy, Shalom Alice, Bellamy Evangeline, Ivalo Honour.

    Guthrie Abe, Enoch Matthias, Moses Amzi, Amias Ezekiel, Ignatius Beau, Rufus Gardener, Asa Eden.

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    From your list I like

    Indie - although I would do as another Berry suggested and call her India with Indie as an awesome nn
    I like Ever but again I would do Everly and have Ever as the nn
    Jett - this could grow on me


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    Off of your list I like Winnie and Sawyer. You might want to look into other clunky style vintage names and see if anything pops out. I also like the suggestion of Sutton or other surnames.

    Wylder & Arden
    Wylder & Aspen
    Wylder & Bronwyn
    Wylder & Harlow
    Wylder & Rowan
    Wylder & Scout
    Wylder & Sidney

    This is a stretch for me as you can see from my signature. Hopefully I didn't miss the mark entirely.
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