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    What family names have you used or plan on using?

    I'm planning on using these:

    Rhea - Grandmothers first name
    Gloria - Grandmothers middle name
    Beatrice - Great Grandmothers first name

    I also plan on naming a daughter Madeleine to honor my step grandmother Mattye. I didn't know this until I spoke to my grandmother, but Rosemary would be an unintentional honor to a Rose and Molly.

    What about you?
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    Thoughts in this thread?

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    I will likely use Eloise in the middle to honor a Lois (if we have another girl). I would just go ahead and use Lois, but it makes me too sad because she isn't living any longer.
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    I've used two so far.
    Bea "bee" is to honor my Grandmother Grace Beatrice (she said her name like bee-trice not Be-uh-trice)
    Anna is to honor my mom Roberta Ann, my MIL Ann, and my husbands Grandma Anna.

    If we have a boy he will named Scott Allen. Scott my husbands late fathers first name. Allen is a family name on both sides. So is Thomas and we might double barrel the middle name. Scott Allen Thomas.

    I'd have loved to use Grace but it is my middle name, and my nieces name.

    We've considered variations of Marion and Louise too for middle names. Marion is my other Grandmas name and Louise is my MIL middle name and Grandma Marion's middle name.

    I have a great aunt named Mabel, I wanted to use it as a first name but my hubby said no. :-(
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    I didn't know it until after I named my son Konrad, but Conrad was my husband's great grandmother's maiden name. His middle name is DH's middle name.

    Some of my favorite girls names can be found on my family tree. I didn't know the people that had them but, I still consider them "family names." Wilhelmina (my great great grandmother), Frieda (Great great aunt) and Hilda (DH's great great aunt). Also, it's not really a family name, per se, but I love the name Louisa because it's the name of the street I grew up on and my parents still live. Myself, my mom and all of her sisters have the middle name of Marie, so that will definitely be in there somewhere for a girl.

    For boys, we're considering family names for middles. Joseph, Frederick, John, Francis and James have all been used several times throughout my family tree.

    I really like Rhea, by the way!
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    Denise or Dee- my nans middle name they always called her Denise or Dee
    Marie- because my nans first name was Mary
    Linda- mams first name
    Lynne- nans first name (other nan)
    Isabel- nans middle name(same as above)
    Anne or Anna- my aunts name is Anne
    Elizabeth- aunts middle name
    Beth- my cousins name

    Richard- my grandads name
    Marley- my step nan is called Marlene haha
    Karl- my dad's name
    Christopher/Chris- my uncles name
    Clive- my other uncles name
    Leigh- my uncle Chris middle name
    John- my uncle Clive middle name
    Ivor- my great grandad
    Ron/ Ronnie- both my grandad, great grandad and brothers name
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