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    Anglosaxon-Spanish combo sibling for OLIVER MATEO

    Hi All!

    A couple years ago, nameberry helped us decide on Oliver Mateo for our son. My husband is from Spain and I'm from the U.S. so we need a name both our families can spell and pronounce, while honoring both. We aren't TTC just yet, but I can't stopping thinking about potential names

    Sooooo, what Anglosaxon Spanish combos would YOU pick for a sister and a brother to Oliver Mateo??

    If I had to choose a first today, I'd be between Elinor "Nora" and Cora for a girl and Adrian or Owen for a boy. We tend to like middles that have a religious reference.

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    I think Oliver works because the pronunciation is straight-forward in both languages. Owen wouldn't be instinctive but I guess most Spaniards would be familiar with it thanks to Michael Owen. Adrian wouldn't work, IMO —*unless you don't mind him being called by two completely different pronunciations (AY-dri-un vs. ah-dree-AHN).

    Nora & Cora would work great.

    Some ideas (from the 2012 Spanish popularity charts):
    Oliver and Nicolas
    Oliver and Iker
    Oliver and Lucas
    Oliver and Ruben
    Oliver and Samuel
    Oliver and Aitor
    Oliver and Eric
    Oliver and Adam
    Oliver and Bruno
    Oliver and Oscar
    Oliver and Rafael / Raphael
    Oliver and Gerard
    Oliver and Christian
    Oliver and Santiago
    Oliver and Oriol
    Oliver and Ian

    Oliver and Sophia (Sofía)
    Oliver and Alba
    Oliver and Noa
    Oliver and Emma
    Oliver and Carlota
    Oliver and Valentina
    Oliver and Eva
    Oliver and Clara
    Oliver and Victoria
    Oliver and Isabel
    Oliver and Alma
    Oliver and Elsa
    Oliver and Mar
    Oliver and Alexia
    Oliver and Chloe
    Arabella, Thibault, Sophia, Alfred, Eleanor, Rémi, Charlotte, Achille, Olivia, Clement, Elizabeth, Frederick, Maud, Benedict, Adèle.

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    In Spain, they refer to English as an anglosaxon language. So I was hoping to refer to names with English roots, be it american, british, australian without using the word English, which atleast to me, can be confused with the word British. Sorry for the confusion.

    Thanks Sugarplum for all the great ideas. I'm OK with the name we choose sounding different in the two languages.. even Oliver sounds different (Aw-lih-ver vs. ol-lee-vehr).My problem with a lot of easy to spell and say names is they feel very common. Thats why we put Mateo in the middle place because I wanted something a bit more unique. I know Oliver isn't very unique in the UK, but we dont know any Ollies in Spain or the US so it feels more special. Adrian would actually be really pushing it for me since its so popular in Spain.

    Sugarplum, I really like Alba, Valentina, Emma or Gemma and Carlota. Alba is beautiful in Spanish, but do you think it sounds too clunky in English??

    I liked your ideas CharlieandPErry of Hugo and Lucas,Lucia and CLara tho we cant use Lucas and Clara because of close friends and family. Lucia is reaaally popular here tho so it might be better for a middle (Elinor Lucia?) and I dont love that Hugo in Spain is OO-go.

    Im really drawn to word names. If I had my choice, Oliver would have been River. Id love to use Abel for a brother to Ollie, but dislike the feminine spanish pronunciation ah-BELL. Luna for a girl middle would be awesome too, but perhaps too cheesy for the Spaniards?

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    Alba- I'd like to express my complete support for Alba <3 When I lived in Alicante, I had a Valencian roommate named Alba. At first, I did think the name was very clunky, but within 24 hours I was in LOVE with the name Alba. My roommate was a petite ballerina and very artistic. I think the name is anything but clunky now. If she'll be growing up in Spain anyway, I wouldn't worry about how it comes across in the US because most people will meet an Alba with a clean slate in mind.
    Amparo- Moreso as a middle name
    Eulalia/ Olalla/ Olaia/ Olaya- depending where you live in Spain
    Leire/ Leyre
    Iris- super English-friendly, and works great with Oliver. Iris Amparo is one of my all time favourite combos

    And in terms of Luna, it's not too weird. I had a student in Gipuzkoa named Ilargi… that was very unexpected. Luna, not so much.

    Sebastián- this is perfect with Oliver
    Oriol- if you love word names, I think this is fantastic. I love it in English, too.

    Good luck!
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